16 July 2011

Made a move

we moved, slightly, across town to a place with some much needed space. hooray!

we overlapped our leases so we had one month to move from barrington to our new apt on fenwick. this was the only way a move was feasible. we only had one kilometer to move and just a few bulky furniture items, but with a kid in tow, i knew trying to move in one day or one weekend would be out-of-the-question stressful. so, over the course of a couple weeks i moved a few boxes of things over each night after dinner. we had planned to rent a truck and move the big stuff over the second weekend in july, but rain, utility transfer issues, and cleaning/painting issues didnt really allow for that.

so, we moved today (a week later than hoped). this turned out to be better and easier because we were able to have the new place cleaned and dave had a couple male friends available to help lift the heavy stuff, and the weather was a perfect dry yet cool day. the major move started at about 9:30a and was done by about 1p. we bought lunch for those who helped with the move and the rest of the day we lightly moved things into their semi-final resting places. by bedtime, it almost looked like we hadnt moved at all (except that we were tired!). it was a great experience and i would certainly do it this way again in the future.

a few things we did that really helped:
- each night, when i brought the small loads over after dinner (pre-moving day), we would bring X too. this way, she was familiar with the new place before it was really "her" place. she didnt have any transition issues/moving anxiety as a result.

- having a cleaning service clean our new place before any stuff was in was key. i didnt have to sweat and breath in fumes or worry about X breathing fumes. it was all cleaned and de-gunkified before we moved our stuff in. we also had a cleaning service clean our old apartment before check-out day. this too saved me some time, sweat, and fumes. i was happy i found good deals on cleaning services on groupon (and competing wanna-be groupon sites).

- the night before move-in, we came over with a load of Xs toys and some dishware. we also went to the grocery store (2 minute walk from our new place. awesome!) and bought some X-approved snack items and left them in the cupboards. this way, we arrived at the new place on moving day with familiar toys to play with, good food to eat, and dishes/cups to eat and drink them from.

- before moving day we also scoped out kijiji (aka "craigslist" wannabe) and scored some new (and cheap) furniture. a table and 4 chairs and some seating furniture (matching couch, loveseat, chair). because we had the rental truck, we were able to get the seating furniture in no problem, and right away we had good, comfortable furniture to fill in our rooms (our new place is at least twice the size of the old place so we would have had lots of barren space if we hadnt found some cheap yet decent furniture to sit on).

(hope you enjoy my lovely narration. this video was actually taken a few weeks after move in. the rooms are still fairly stark, but we are getting there. also, the place is a bit messier than normal, but such is life.)

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Trav said...

finally! your place on a bad is now almost as messy as our place is on a good day!