01 July 2011

Grand finale friday

canada day today. weird celebrating what feels like 4th of july to me a few days early.

we started the day with the canada day/tattoo festival parade. we were able to, again, easily walk over to the parade route just a few minutes before the action started. i love that. we were at the beginning of the parade route so all the music and performers were fresh and happy looking. the sun was out and it was pretty warm so i felt bad that by the end of the parade they would be dripping in sweat. thankfully the parade was short and sweet with lots of music and costumes and entertainment for X. we even saw the danish gymnastics group who rode the plane from iceland to halifax with us earlier in the week. bizarre! one pet peeve though: adults who stand in front of kids and block everyones view. we had a husband/wife team of amateur photographers who BOTH had to be standing in front of us and jump out in the street at every chance to get pictures. its a damn parade people. happens every year.

(at the parade)

after the parade, we made our way down to the farmers market. the nice weather and cruise ship(s) meant the place was quite lively. thankfully, we were able to make our regular stops with relative ease (the pierogie lady to restock Xs supply of mushroom/cabbage pierogies and the pakistani couple who make awesome lentil/veggie curries). i also made note that we must try the newly popped up trinidad/tobago place called "some like it hott".

(playing in the bishops landing fountain on the way to the market)

lunch and naps were up next and then we got right back outside. we played in the public gardens and then in the square called "grand parade". finally it was time for dinner. we grabbed some tasty things from the bbq place we like called "Q" and headed home. after eating and bathing all we had left to do was kill time until the fireworks.

(public gardens)

we had told X about them all day in the hopes that she would pick up on the excitement vibes and stay awake. last year i think she would have still enjoyed the fireworks, but, mysteriously, each night when fireworks were an option she seemed to doze off early. she made it this year though. a little before 10p we went down to the waterfront. we found a good vantage point and only had to wait a few minutes before the fun began. dave hoisted X onto his shoulders and she got to see the whole exciting show (it was all of 10 minutes long). she loved the light, colors, and noise. i would say "boom, boom" as the fireworks exploded in the sky and after a while she started to grunt "hmmm, hmmm" along with me. she really seemed to get a kick out of the show and i was so happy we got to see it together. she was even doing the "boom, boom" grunting on the way home. and then she went right to sleep when we got back. it was great.

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