23 July 2011

Aint too proud for a parade

today was the pride parade in halifax, and even though it was during Xs normal nap time, we went to check it out.

the gathering of people seemed way bigger than even the same crowd two years ago (the last time we went). we were toward the end of the parade route so we had a little bit of a wait. when the parade finally came down our way it was in full swing. very vibrant. lots of action and colors. definitely the most exciting parade halifax puts on. confetti, music, dancing, costumes, rainbows.

(watching the parade)

X was mesmerized. she pushed past her nap time by 45 minutes which turned out to be awesome because it meant we caught the coolest float ever: a mack truck with flat bed pulling an entire crew of men and women voguing to madonna. apparently they were a crew from a salon and they were all dressed in black with fishnets and hats and makeup, etc. their voguing was coordinated and choreographed. it was way cool. (cooler in person than this video lets on...)

we headed home after that and X zonked out on the way. it was a nice little diversion for the weekend to distract us from the fact that we didnt have internet. oh the saga of our internet issues:

we had bell aliant at our barrington apt. we called when we got back from iceland to have it moved to our new place. we requested that service not get disconnected at our barrington place until we had service at the new place (makes sense right?). well, sometime around july 12 they shut off internet at barrington...when we were still living there. it took a whole day to sort that out and get it turned back on at barrington. then, we eagerly awaited their arrival on july 20 (at the new place) for our evening appointment. they never showed. we called bell aliant and they said they never had an appointment for us on that day and that they couldnt get out to us until july 25. ugh, no thank you! we called back the next day to try again and found out they could come today. this was more promising. they came mid-morning and we were again excited. until...they found that bell aliant doesnt even have a cable running to the building! no one in our building has ever had bell internet/cable service. so now we had to go make an appointment with eastlink, and we arent getting internet until august 2!!!

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