11 June 2011

What a bunch of sickos

alright folks. im trying, really trying to beat back the negative thoughts. ive built the biggest levy i can against what feels like the infinite rising of the river styx (yes, i realize this is a major exaggeration). its just that this trip, this trip that i desperately needed and wanted to enjoy as my reward for surviving the long winter and the first year of X, is NOT going anywhere near as planned. :( this weekend we were supposed to take a train to lyon and explore that lovely city (frances gastronomic capital). that hotel fee is lost. we need to hunker down and deal with all our issues first.

morning: i still wasnt feeling better. i wasnt worse, but i wasnt at all confident anymore that my body was going to clear this thing on its own. we called the list of doctors and found one who said we could come in at noon. so we walked over after lunch and were buzzed in to a weird little place. there was no secretary and all the doors were closed in this little hallway area. we saw the frosted windowed door for the doctors actual room but figured there was a patient in there. we went around the corner and saw the bathroom and a little frosted door that seemed like the waiting room. we pushed it open and there were two other people sitting quietly in this tiny space.

(the docs waiting room. this is basically all of it minus the part where i am standing to take the pic)

they took their turns getting taken in by the doctor and then it was our turn. X was fussing too much to be in the office, so dave took her outside while i was left to attempt the visit with my limited french and a doctor with limited english. i think we managed. he was very professional and patient and i think i understood most of what he was conveying. i didnt have an infection, yet, but he thought antibiotics were a good idea. and an anti-inflammatory (something stronger than ibuprofen though). i had previously not taken anything, medication-wise, since i was pregnant so this was a bit unnerving for me, but at this point i just needed to get better because i wasnt serving anyone well while i felt like this. so i agreed with him and took the prescription.

we left his office with a note describing my diagnosis (for insurance purposes), the prescription, and a receipt for the 23 euros we had to pay for the visit. at the pharmacy i got the meds as well as the probiotics the pharmacist suggested. this is such an important and smart(?) idea that it pains me that pharmacists dont suggest it in the u.s.. whenever you take antibiotics you are killing bacteria in your body. the good ones along with the bad ones. your gut houses some very important "good" bacteria and they get attacked when you take these meds. you need to repopulate your gut with the good guys during and after a course of antibiotics. that way you can avoid digestive issues and can better absorb that good food you try to eat while you are sick to make you get better. okay, rant over.

while at the pharmacist, dave also needed some antacids and probiotics for himself. it seems the same digestive issues he had while on the finistère road trip with his parents is back. basically, we think his system was permanently rocked when he did field work in nepal (march 2005) and needed to resort to a course of cipro to survive (i exaggerate slightly). it eradicates all bacteria in its path and takes no prisoners. his system hasnt been the same since. my thought is that he needs to make slightly calmer cuisine choices than the greasy, farm-y sausages he gets talked in to eating when we set foot in this country.

(giving hugs to papa)

afternoon: while dave and i tried to summon the energy to finish the day with X, we took her to the park to run around. thank goodness this art museum park is so close and so gorgeous. i dont know what we would do otherwise. after the park, we milled around the city centre for a bit, got some groceries, and i got a doner (kebab) sandwich. id been craving one because halifax has just wretched kebab sandwiches, plus i knew daves system wasnt going to tolerate one anytime soon, so i could get one just for myself. unfortunately i couldnt get it with the yummy creamy sauce, but it was pretty good all the same. not as good as our favorites in rennes though...

evening: we bought meat for dinner from our butcher and hung out in the apartment to recharge. after dinner we took X for a walk along the river path and hoped for a good nights rest for all. perhaps with rest and medicine we can finally start to feel better and start enjoying ourselves!!! one can hope.

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Billiam said...

Hang in there!! I hope you all start feeling better real soon.