15 June 2011

Water wednesday

i cant believe its wednesday already. :(

morning: eat. play. park. water. it was hot and sunny, so while we were home eating, i put a big dish of water out on the balcony for X to splash in and dunk her treasures in. it was hot enough that she wouldnt get cold and much of the water would dry quickly. she loved it.

afternoon: we went into the city centre and wandered around a fountain area. then we played with a city drinking water pump. these are actually pretty nice. instead of having a gross public drinking fountain where people can spit in it, etc. around the city here they have potable water pump/faucet stations. you can hydrate your dog, wash your hands, cool yourself off with a few splashes or fill up your water bottle. i think they are great, and X loved them. she was smitten.

finally i was able to pull her away from the water pump and get her to ride on the merry-go-round. she seemed more interested in the animals the other kids were sitting on than the horse or deer that i had her on. oh well. at least she didnt cry. afterward, we hung out by another fountain before heading home. we got pork chops, artichoke hearts, and a zucchini pancake on our way home.

evening: i got some alone time to do work while dave took X out. they walked up to the top of the bastille and down in 1.5 hours!!

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