14 June 2011

Taster tuesday

morning: we hung out at a nearby playground and found an english speaking daddy-daughter duo there. on the way back from the park we got some sheep cheese, watermelon, lentils, and bread on our street. i just love the ease of shopping and eating here!

afternoon: after napping, X had lunch. these times are becoming so fun for me. she is using her spoon and drinking water from her cup like a pro now. and she is oh so proud of herself. we do the messy stuff in the high chair and then end up doing the rest of lunch a go-go, but the times we are sitting at the table together are really cool. i drink water from my glass, she asks for some in hers, i pour and we drink together. we also enjoyed a famous local product together, the walnut. our apartment company had left a canister in our place for us to enjoy. i cracked a few from their shell and let X take small nibbles. she seemed to like it.

after lunch we got some sun. we walked along the river and over a bridge into the city centre. we played at the central playground. of course there were a ton of kids. the parents were mostly hands-off which was cool. X particularly enjoyed eating sand in the sand pit.

(sand mouth)

then we came home and cleaned up a bit. i let her explore around the apartment while we waited for dave to come home. she found a box in the cupboard of complimentary "madeleines" (basically the french version of a twinkie). she was carrying them around and started trying to eat the packaging. there isnt any dairy in these kind and we cant really enjoy any other bakery treats while we are here, so i opened it and let her have a few bites. bad mommy. then i proceeded to eat a complimentary candy filled with the locally famous chartreuse liquor made by monks (woof! can you say rubbing alcohol). someone stop me. i derailed and went on a no-no binge today.

evening: we had a simple and quiet dinner and then dave took X out for an hour. i actually got a wee, tiny bit of work done that i had brought with me. it felt pretty good.

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