12 June 2011

Sun-ny day, chasin the clouds away...?

morning: we are all timidly feeling better. we did errands and went to the art park. then had lunch back at home before nap time.
(i love the art park; walking near Xs favorite sculpture; the beautiful hydrangeas)

afternoon: X had a great nap and we got to rest. then we went in search of new parks. how beautiful! the weather was gorgeous and the whole city was out. there were lots of families. we passed the fountain in front of the préfecture before heading into the garden in front of the natural history museum. so many flowers, kids, shade trees. extremely beautiful and intimate feeling space, yet full of life. then we saw breakdancers at city hall (X danced to their music) and we wandered into the huge parc paul mistral. its a big, open, active park but not much in the way of beauty. then we headed home.

(on the square in front of the préfecture)

evening: after dinner we decided to run X around outside and see if we all had it in ourselves to fit one more thing in to the day. this was the last weekend of a chagall exhibit (found out about it from a nytimes article suggested by mary ann actually) at the art museum in the city. the museum was open until midnight the whole weekend. it was 8 euros per person (X excluded of course). the place was pretty busy at 9p. dave and i took turns watching X while the other viewed the exhibit. i didnt know how much time we had until she would be going bonkers, so i skimmed the room to look for the the knock out pieces that i assumed would be there. i dont know much about chagalls life or work except for his famous use of goats and depressing hues of blues, greens, and purples.

unfortunately very few of those types of paintings were there. or perhaps its fortunate, because i didnt have much time to view the exhibit. there were several small paintings of his as well as ones from other russian artists of his era, the most famous being kandinsky, and then several others i didnt have time to see if i recognized. in my brief time among the art i realized that it wasnt actually a chagall exhibit, but something curated a little more broadly than that. probably would have been an interesting learning experience if i had been able to rent an english set of headphones and hear the guided tour. its okay though, X is only going to be this little for so long and she will slowly become more capable of exercising patience and being more responsible and independent in her ability to not wreak havoc. it was just lovely that we all spent so much time together today and we were all healthy and feeling good!

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