07 June 2011

Struck down by lazy-itis

morning: woke up tired! X was tired too and was kind of afraid of the surroundings she had been so excited about the night before. i got us ready and made the descent downstairs (5 flights of stairs, no elevator). we bought a few grocery essentials and some bread. X finally had a (somewhat) proper meal in the travel high chair with bread, raisins, and apricot applesauce as offerings. she played in the apartment while it rained, which was a good thing to get her comfortable with the place, so hopefully the nights to come will be easier. i did laundry in-house (woo hoo!). i felt like i was getting blocked duct again. pain! i must not be drinking enough water, and/or im stressed. good thing the water here is some of the best in france.

(playing near the door to her terrace)

afternoon: X napped well and then we hung around the apartment some more. i just didnt have the energy to go out and she still had things to explore and entertain herself with. plus, it was still drizzly outside. as the afternoon progressed and we waited for dave to get home i felt crappier and crappier. i was wondering if **TMI warning** it was related to my crampy state or if it was something else. by the time dave got home i was feeling like i had the flu: extremely achy everywhere (joints and muscles) and i had the shivers. my boob was getting hotter and my cheeks felt flushed. by dinner time i realized i had mastitis. what a shit fest. i had been chugging water since Xs nap, when i first felt run down and we ended up taking it easy for the day so i hope that is enough. we also ate a nice meal, which was really what i needed.

about dinner: on our block we have everything one would ever need, foodwise (i should take a video of the block we live on before we leave, just for reference): a deli, butcher, cheese store, fruit and veggies store, 2 bakeries, and a small super market for all the other odds and ends. when dave got home we went in to practically all of them for dinner. we picked up some cooked lentils, a baguette and a bread loaf with green olives, some soft sheep cheese (this cheese store had more sheep cheese options than i can possibly eat my way through while we are here!), some zucchini, and other fruits and veggies to munch throughout the week. dinner was fast but good and just what i needed. i hope i can kick this thing soon, and i would love it if i could wake up feeling better, perhaps not cured, but better. then i will know that i dont need to see a damn doctor for antibiotics while we are here! sheesh.

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