21 June 2011

Strolling in the summer solstice sun

overnight: X slept like normal, oddly enough, but the night was weird for me. every time i woke up it was light out. my body didnt know what to do. it always fell back asleep, but it didnt have any cue to help it naturally wake up. i kept thinking we had overslept or something.

morning: we did some laundry at the laundromat cafe. normally, in a new-to-me city, i wouldnt run back to a place ive already been so quickly, but we soon found out there is NO other laundry place in this city! a few places will take your laundry and do it for you, and there are one or two hostels you can ask to let you in to their facilities to use their washer/dryer, but there is are no regular, run-of-the-mill laundromats here. what the hell!?

no bother, X got to play in the play area again and we got a good breakfast. they accommodated our non-dairy needs and we got to enjoy oatmeal, eggs, bread, fruit, muesli, and dave got to gobble up my side of skyr (a thick icelandic yogurt, similar to greek yogurt, apparently).

after food and laundry, we headed home to drop the clothes off. i thought it would be good to let X get used to the apartment so that she wouldnt feel like every part of every day in iceland would be totally new and strange for her. and then we decided on lunch and afternoon plans.

we got takeout from icelandic fish n chips for lunch. dave got fried haddock with potato wedges and i got lime/chili/ginger/pesto marinated haddock with fried veggies. it was pretty tasty, and it was nice that the place was fairly health conscious (well, as much as a place that does fried food can be). however, the fish n chips definitely didnt win out over my all time favorite country for said dish, new zealand.

afternoon: we did the "sea and sculpture walk" along the shore hoping X would nap in the ergo all the way to laugardalur park. she didnt. the sea walk was decent but being near a major road wasnt awesome. the sculptures and water were nice though. we were sweaty by the time we made it to the park and bummed that X hadnt napped much. but, we found our way to the lovely botanical gardens and eventually to the zoo entrance. what a great little zoo, lots of farm animals and a few other native ones thrown in. X loved the seals. and it was there, in front of the seals, where a little boy ran up to her and kissed and hugged her. she cried. lol.

after such a traumatic event we went to get a snack. i got my first (and only) icelandic hot dog. they are made from lamb and are much less salty than any other hot dogs ive had before. i liked them! and the grey icelandic mustard was weird but decent too. after snacks we wandered into the family fun park which is attached to the zoo. there were lots of fun areas for kids, but i was instantly drawn to the jump pillow. we had such a blast on those things whenever we saw them in new zealand (for our honeymoon) that i practically ran over there with X just like i was a little kid again. she seemed to enjoy the pillow as well. we stayed on it for like 40 minutes. and then it was diaper time, and another snack time and nap time? indeed.

(viking boat on the sea and sculpture walk. i think these people were getting wedding pics taken?; dave and another sculpture; X and i in laugardalur park; icelandic horse at the zoo; jumping pillow fun!)

evening: we walked home from the park and X napped. we actually found an organic store on our route and bought a few things. so expensive! we also hit another grocery store and got vegetarian takeout for dinner from a buffet style place (Á næstu grösum). most of their food was "meh" but the veggie bread and apple cinnamon chutney was tasty. X loved it too, shes trying so many new things on this trip.

after dinner, i went down to the nearby hostel and asked if i could use their washer. they approved, thankfully. while we waited for the load to wash, we went for a walk around tjörnin pond. a nice quiet watering hole that shimmers. reykjaviks city hall also overlooks the pond. it was around 9/9:30p when we were around the pond and the light was great.

(view of tjörnin pond and mountains across the harbor from reykjavik; dave getting saucy with a statue by the pond)

as the temperature began to get a little cooler, we made our way home. we got a crappy "snack" of grilled chicken for X because she usually seems to need something dense as her last food before bed, and we'd had veggie stuff for dinner. unfortunately the chicken was salty and not what we were expecting so it didnt work out so well. we collected the diapers and went home to piece together a last snack for her before bed.

today is summer solstice and that is weird here. not only did the sun not set, but it just really felt like we were heading off to a mid-day nap when it was time for bed. these people who live near the poles must have wacky circadian rhythms to their bodies. i wonder if there is research about it. near total darkness in the winter, near total light in the summer. i couldnt function properly, i know that.

(midnight light on our street)

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