02 June 2011

Packed and ready

here we are, ready to go.

- apartment cleaner than it has been since X was born: check
- bags packed (one big bag to check, and two carry-on items each, plus the Ergo): check
- someone to drive us in our car to the airport and drive it back safely: check

got some last minute purchases today:
1. lime green baby crocs. crocs have always made me gag, so i avoided them like the plague. but i really wanted a shoe that could get wet, muddy, sandy and easily rinse clean while still being flexible for Xs early walker feet. crocs are like the only thing that fit the bill. they are, however, priced ridiculously ($30) but i just couldnt go on this trip without a second shoe option for X.

2. insulated food bag. while at the baby store getting the crocs, i saw another item i had been toying with getting and decided to buy. for travel, and convenience while out in the summer, i wanted a cooler bag to give me the option of bringing things that needed to stay cool. this lunch bag was so cute with its little alphabet letters and was the right size and was just what i needed (minus the $25 price tag).

i am also going to be testing out the air safety rule that says:
The following are allowed in your carry-on w/o a bag and in containers over 100 ml:
  • If traveling with an infant under two years of age (0-24 months), baby food, milk, formula, water and juice in small containers and reasonable amounts for your itinerary."
wish me luck! i packed lots of dry snacks and meal type food (pork and chicken, pierogies, lentil patties, couscous) as well as two rice dream drink boxes, which will be what challenges the liquid rule. this seems reasonable to me, given our itinerary, so i assume things should go smoothly.

one last thing of note: im very happy that my seriously painful blocked mammary duct has cleared up. it lasted about 36 hours and i thought it was going to follow me on the plane. i had never had one even remotely close to that painful before. and its not something i wanted to have to experience during a long voyage with a baby clinging to me. it resolved on its own though and now i just feel pretty sore and bruised but that will fade. i just hope that dont give me a rough pat down at airport security. lol.


Billiam said...

Have a great trip!! Keep us posted, whatever your blogging style. :)

Trav said...

ew dude... crocs? at least i'm digging the color... glad to hear you're feeling better! have fun!