10 June 2011

No-fun fever friday

day: woke up feeling fine. i thought things could be lovely, but as the morning went along i felt more and more crappy. again the fever was coming! dave was at work of course and i desperately didnt want to disturb him. i called our travel health insurance number to open a claim. i had to do this before seeking any medical attention for them to cover me. then i started calling the doctors in our neighborhood (the pharmacist from yesterday had given me the list of docs, thankfully!). i had fun dealing with X wailing in the background while i bumbled through french and tried to understand the other persons responses, while feeling like crap. also not cool: the first 4 numbers i called said they could no see me today. finally i found a doctor who was available. it was unclear to me exactly what was going to happen because i couldnt understand the secretary very well but after giving my name, address, and code to our door downstairs, it seemed this doctor was going to make a house call for me sometime between noon and dinner.

i hoped that was the case. i then gave X lunch and tried to make her as happy as possible having to stay inside for ANOTHER day. then it was nap time. i was so ready for it. but i had to keep an ear out for a knock on the door. i laid down with X and dozed while she slept. she only took a 45 minute nap, but then dave came home early. thank god.

evening: i went from basically 11a-6p with a fever, waiting for the doctor, not wanting to take the acetaminophen because "maybe the fever will burn off the infection. plus, wont the doc want an accurate 'fever' reading so he can better diagnose the severity of the situation?" ugh. i played with X quietly on the floor while dave tried to work. poor guy, this sucks for him too.

dave went out for some dinner items with X. after dinner, the doctor still hadnt come! daves boss (jean) had called somewhere in here and said that it wasnt uncommon for docs to complete their house calls at like 8p. jean also wanted to know if dave could come over after dinner to help him carry something really heavy up to his apartment.

so after dinner i got some quiet time while i waited(?) for the doctor. he never showed. i must have given the wrong information or misheard the secretary on the phone. i started to feel slightly better on my own, but what will tomorrow bring? im pretty scared. this trip is NOT turning out how i planned. :(

dave did have a nice time taking X out though. he helped jean move the item and then was rewarded with a delirium beer while X explored jeans grenoble apartment. X charmed all she saw on the way home, apparently, and dave came home with a local walnut beer. i think they had a better day than me.

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