05 June 2011

Lemonade from lemons

overnight: hell! X had one tiny scrap of fish at dinner, and it ended up causing writhing and crying for what seemed like 30 minutes, somewhere around 2a. then she wouldnt go back to sleep for like 1.5 hours. sucked. oh, and i seem to have allergies to something in bloom here, so im not feeling so great. sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes...you know, losing fluids from your body in this way is SO fun when your kid is also trying to win a nursing marathon.

lunch: jj picked us up and took us to his apartment for lunch with his family (gaelle, guillaume, sara, and enor). X was a bit grumpy from her bad night of sleep and for being rushed over for lunch (because she got up late). jjs grandson, enor, was also giving her a run for her money and ended up pulling her hair a few times. it was hard to keep her interested in sitting at the table due to her low appetite as well (im now thinking the change of environment PLUS teething is making this the really bad combo). we ended up doing our restaurant routine where one person sits at the table and acts normal and the other follows X around and keeps her happy. i hope that didnt seem rude, they have grandkids so im sure they understand, but not knowing the expectations and etiquette were a little nerve-wracking. worst of all, it was a sunday lunch, in france, which meant the meal drags. this is totally normal and expected. its family time, there is no rush. i had forgotten this fact, and when X needed to leave for a nap before dessert was even mentioned, i felt like a complete shit. poor gaelle, the hostess, hopefully doesnt hate us. they are very friendly and seemed understanding but there is always that gap where things get lost in translation (i like using that movie title whenever and wherever possible when talking about france). by the time we left, we were totally zapped of energy and had gotten no pictures! ugh.

afternoon: X and i napped for two hours and woke up feeling better. ready to attack the last part of the day. things hadnt gone smoothly, so now we had only one hour to see our friends glen and martin. :( they were kind enough to come over to where we are staying (it was grey and rainy all day to boot!) and chat for a bit. such great guys! it was great to catch up and hear how their lives have evolved since we left (they got married, changed apartments, got "proper" jobs, and are staying in rennes for the foreseeable future).

dinner: jj came to pick us up (he had a car seat for X) and drove us out to la chapelle des fougeretz for dinner with the fayolles: jacques, anne, and their son yves (who played frisbee with dave). this meant that in one day we literally saw every friend i had made while in france. phew! thankfully there was lots of space at the fayolles house and it was calm and quiet there. jacques and anne arent grandparents, but they would love to be one day (soon) and were wonderful with X. as was yves. they let her roam their house and sang her songs and dotted on her. despite her hectic day of stomach and sleep issues and being moved all around strange new places, she eventually warmed up to their place and gave them some smiles and "regular X" action. they mentioned how calm she was and offered the encouragement (to us) that from year one to year two was the hardest for them because the children are mobile and are just getting into everything and are so curious (good to know).

it was sad to leave them, they are such lovely people. jacques has a great sense of humor and anne is very kind and patient and tries to speak in english when she can. we are so fortunate to have all of our french friends in our lives. everyone (jacques/anne, jj/gaelle, jean/myriam) made us meals without dairy to accommodate our needs too. we were so grateful for their flexibility and understanding. so, while the day started out painful, we managed to eek something wonderful out of it and im so happy about that.

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Mary Ann said...

I think Dexter is just going through a period of adjustment. You,too. I'd say she's doing well, even if it's rough on you. You really have no other choice but to hang in there, oui?