25 June 2011

Last looks before returning home

vacation and adventure comes to an end today.

morning: we packed up, checked out, and left our luggage at the front office. then we got breakfast at a nearby cafe called gata. they had great prices and large plates of food. we had oatmeal and a bagel with eggs and bacon. then we went shopping.

we bought exactly nothing in france, for anyone, including ourselves and X. this was a bummer, but is very much like us. we dont budget time for shopping and it doesnt really make or break my trip to have a souvenir, so it often gets forgotten. and we almost missed out on shopping in iceland, but dave encouraged it, so i summoned the strength.

we found a lovely childrens clothing boutique of icelandic designed clothes called igló. i wanted to take everything home, except that we would then be living in a cardboard box due to the credit card debt. so, i chose one powder blue yet dainty little girls dress. i hope X likes it.

we went in to several other kids stores to buy from friends and/or to find more things for X, but nothing else was icelandic designed and it was all just too too expensive. so, sorry dear friends. i love your babies, and you, to pieces but if i want to be able to afford visiting you i cant buy you things from iceland. :(

our next activity was to get out of the rain and do a diaper change in the famous hallgrímskirkja church. it was a beautiful contemporary church. you can pay to ride the elevator to the top of the steeple and view the city. we didnt do that (time got away from us) but we did get to sit and hear the organ being played (i thought of you billiam!). X danced.

afternoon: for lunch, we found another well priced and tasty place called matbúð mömmu steinu. we got a lamb and a beef dish. i put some of the lamb in our snack container for the plane ride. then we went back to babalú cafe for dessert. dave got a scrumptious looking cream filled cookie sandwich and i got a vegan apple crumble. after devouring these treats, we walked around some more in an area of town with some small historic homes. mostly fishermen-type homes, similar to what we saw in sweden.

then it was time for the bus(es) back to airport. we moved through the check-in process and hit a mild bump at security. i had a can of lentils for X that wasnt opened. i had bought it earlier in the trip but was keeping it in case we had some kind of long, long delay(s) somewhere and ended up needing more food for X. they allowed me to have some rice pudding and some rice milk for her, but the lentils got confiscated. whatever.

and then we were back in the food court of the airport. we had stuffed ourselves with food all day (seriously, i think i gained 5 pounds from our time in iceland), but we knew we needed to eat before the flight because there werent good in-flight food options (and nothing complimentary at all). thankfully the place called "kaffitár" in the airport actually has healthy, tasty, and reasonably priced food. once packed to the gills with nourishment, we boarded the plane. we ended up getting a whole row to ourselves which made the final leg of our journey a little more comfortable. our flight also had lots of tiny babies on it, so we knew we were in good company.

evening: X was decent on the flight, she even napped, but then she was restless. i also had a monster tension headache from lugging her around all afternoon. i was SO ready to land and go home. thankfully, we were able to land in rain and dense fog without much issue. welcome home to halifax weather! however...due to our gate being occupied and lightning being spotted in the vicinity, we werent able to get off the plane for another hour! X somehow kept it together on the plane. when we exited the plane, we had to change a diaper, then get through customs, get our luggage and deal with border patrol. that chunk of lamb i had packed away from our lunch (see above) was still hanging around. X had eaten most of it, but there was still a small bit left. it was confiscated, though thankfully we didnt get a ticket. and THEN, only then did we finally meet up with daves friend who had come to pick us up, rajesh (he had also dropped us off at the start of the trip). it was so nice that he had patiently waited for us through the long delay. and he had even made us some dal, curry, and rice, so our bellies could be full before bed even though we had an empty fridge. so thoughtful!

when we pulled in to the driveway, X was already asleep. we put her to bed and i tried to take care of my headache and eat before collapsing into bed. i was so happy to see the darkness of night and the comfort of my bed. we had made it home after a 3 week adventure.

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