13 June 2011

Just another medic[al] monday

overnight: X had major stomach pain! it seems to be from the antibiotics i am taking, grrrrrrr! crap sleep for all.

morning: we called to see the doctor again to change my medication. it was way too strong for X to handle and she isnt even the one taking it! this sucks!! plus today is a holiday (something about 7 weeks after easter, blah blah blah) so there arent as many pharmacies open, or places for food, or anything. and dave had to miss part of a workday again. thankfully the doctor was able to find an antibiotic for me to switch to that should be easier on our stomachs. now i just needed to find an open pharmacy.

afternoon: X and i played at the park until dave came home. then we went into the city centre to track down an open pharmacy. we were the last customers let in to the pharmacy before it closed, at 7:30p! we got some slightly nicer on the tummy (and much cheaper) antibiotics and the pharmacist told me to double the probiotics that i give X (shes still taking them from her naturopath appt). i hope, hope, hope we can get through the next 5 days to finish this course of antibiotics. i dont like seeing X writhe in pain and have diarrhea. it just all around makes me uncomfortable.

(X and her favorite sculpture in the park)

dinner: after the pharmacist, we found a moroccan place that did takeout (fyi, a french restaurant that does takeout has the words "plats a emporter" somewhere on the store front). we ordered tagines (me: chicken with peas, potatoes, carrots, and olives; dave: lamb with potatoes and olives). in 15 minutes we were on the tram headed back home. it was far from the best morrocan dinner weve had but it was hot and decent.

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