06 June 2011

Go east, young fam

overnight: X fought sleep. i dont think this is jetlag, i thinks its fear and discomfort with the strange surroundings, and perhaps the whir of the days activities caught up with her. she was CLINGY. the night was a nursefest.

morning: dave went up to rennes university to meet with a researcher, so i had to find energy to start the day alone from some truly crap sleep. i packed a little while X played, then i took her to walk around the "place de la mairie". then we bought a few things for lunch and other snacks for the train and went back to meet dave and do the final packing. then we headed to the train station for our 12:30p train to lyon.

(hanging out in the place de la mairie)

trains: X was great! she didnt make one fuss, and she napped properly. we changed trains in lyon (that was a 4 hour train) and then X got more room to explore on the nice commuter train from lyon to grenoble (1.5 hour ride). **TMI warning** oh, and did i mention that somewhere on this train journey i got my first period in two years? awesome.

(the train from lyon to grenoble)

grenoble: arrived! X played in the fountain in front of the train station while dave bought tram tickets. we had a quick tram ride and met our apartment check-in lady. what a GORGEOUS apartment. it was recently totally redone. its basically all IKEA stuff but it looks sleek and fresh. the styling inside is rivaled by the awesome mountain views off both sides of the building. grenoble is actually one of the flattest cities in france but has nearly 360 degrees of mountain surrounding it. we have an enclosed veranda with outdoor eating area facing the bastille and an outdoor terrace off the other side of the apartment. the website for the place we are staying at is here.

we unpacked and X was LOVING the place. there were even a few toys placed in the apartment for her! then we went in search of dinner. we are in a very residential area and by the time we were ready to hit the streets, the few places near us that existed, were already closed. so we caved and got pizza. ham and sauce pizza. mmm. i would have eaten cardboard at that point though, i was so hungry.

(kitchen; living area; veranda)

(view from veranda. the sun was setting just behind the mountain so its not a great shot; terrace; bathroom)

sleep: X would not have it. from 9:30p until midnight there was crying, frustration, and fear that she would never settle and be comfortable to sleep. ugh, moving around from place to place too fast is biting us in the ass.

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