19 June 2011

Frustrating fathers day fail

fathers day. what a bust of a day, poor dave. he deserved a little love from the universe, and us, but it didnt really work out that way. thankfully we eeked out a few small bright spots on this otherwise gloomy day.

morning: we wasted lots of time just figuring out how to manage our time and logistics for the day. we needed to change hotels and wash diapers and i didnt want to leave luggage at our first hotel and get stuck having to backtrack to our second hotel like we did in brooklyn. we finally settled on checking out (and leaving our luggage there) while we did the diaper laundry down the street. while the diapers were going, we looked for an open bakery for breakfast (being sunday, there are only certain bakeries in each neighborhood that are open. the trick is figuring out which one). apparently we chose all the wrong directions to look for an open bakery and finally ended up back at the same bakery as yesterday (moisan). this was fine, except i do like to try new things. the bakery was so busy that i got flustered and ordered the same breads as yesterday. boring. tasty, but boring. we also played around with X at the same playground as yesterday. yawn.

heading back to check on the laundry, we saw a pizza-type cafe with lots of families sitting outside. we thought it would be good for us because they seemed tolerant of children and we wouldnt have to worry about as many things. fail. the food was terrible. i mean truly ick. it was made probably slightly worse because i couldnt get cheese on my pizza but that is no excuse why my ham smelled like feet, my artichokes were spongy, my olives tasted like chemicals, and my mushrooms were limp puddles of mush. i couldnt stomach it. dave ate (read: choked down his food) while i wandered around with X. we picked up the laundry that was now done and i wished we had chosen to try the place across the street called "pendant que les enfants jouent" (while the children play). it seemed to be a place for both kids and their parents to be able to enjoy themselves and eat. what a concept.

afternoon: with fresh diapers in hand, we went back to the hotel to collect our bags, change Xs diaper, and nurse her to sleep. then i put her in the ergo and away we went. we picked up a doner sandwich for me on the way to the metro and took the 50 minute ride(s) out to our hotel near the airport. it went fine, but the trains were packed. thankfully someone gave me their seat and X slept with relative ease the whole way.

our hotel was the premiere class in the parc des expositions. extremely spartan digs. think motor home styling. at least it was clean. we couldnt stay in the room very long, it was too small. thankfully the grounds of the conference/business park were actually perfect for X. large, open, varied, and empty. there were lots of planes soaring overhead (we were near the airport), which she loved, and she got to play for a long time without hearing the word "no". for her it was a win.

(playing with papa)

dinner: being trapped in the business park on a sunday meant we were held hostage by food. we could either do mcdonalds, or the hotel restaurant. the hotel didnt start serving food until 7p. this wouldnt normally be such a problem if we had had a good lunch. but we were starving today. we somehow managed to snack and divert our attention until the restaurant opened though. we were the first ones in the place. our server couldnt have seemed any less pleased to be serving us. our food was crap. my chicken was dry and scarce and daves pasta tasted like it came from a grocery store. the bill was 40 euros to boot. no thanks. at least X finally got some real food in her for the day. that was good i guess.

after dinner we found a gorgeous and serene nature path nearby with varied flowers/plants and a HUGE koi pond area. dave showed X how to spot fish moving in the water and she loved it. she followed so many around and even found one fish herself. she was very proud. it was a nice way to end a crappy day. we are very much looking forward to iceland.

sorry you had a lame fathers day dave, you deserved to be shown our thanks for all that you do. X is a lucky little girl and gets a belly filled with laughs each day because of you. everyone says you two look so much alike, and i really love that. i think shes gotten the best things from you (minus her non-calm demeanor perhaps) and that makes me very happy. youre a great papa, we just didnt seem to get the mothers/fathers day right this year (we didnt even get to see the travoltas in paris). oh well, i think we can do better next year.

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