24 June 2011

Achingly beautiful post-apocalyptic landscape...dont hold your breath, we have no pictures

morning: we had a huge buffet breakfast at the farm. it was great and we got to chat with the nice owners and other farm guests. then X got to spend the rest of her morning with all the barnyard animals while i showered and we packed. we hung around the farm until nap time and then jumped in the car.

afternoon: we drove through lunch in selfoss because X feel asleep. but we were rewarded with a spectacular drive along the coast (the highlight of our trip) that could be enjoyed in peace and quiet. we had to navigate some crazy roads that were almost totally void of other cars. we were in the reykjanesfólkvangur park and it was like a martian landscape: dark crumbly rocks with thick blankets of grey lichen, bright green mosses, dark hilly gravely mountains, crystal clear water, a black sand beach. pictures wouldnt even be capable of capturing the awesomeness of the surroundings. and then, almost all of a sudden, we were back on a paved road and nearing reykjavik. it was very bizarre.

(our total driving route: B is flúðir, C is gullfoss, D is selfoss, E is the vatnsholt farm, F is reykjavik)

back in the city, we found our last hotel (our most expensive on the trip, 175 euros per night!) and checked in. then we were on the hunt for food. we had a bakery right across the street, alas, the bakeries here are horribly unimpressive. so we ended up grabbing some soup and sandwiches from a charming upstairs cafe called babalú. they even had a vegan brownie for me. yay!

then dave went to drop off the rental car while X and i attempted to get laundry done at a "drop-off service" place (i just really didnt want to have to fight off a crowd of laundry go-ers at the laundromat cafe). however, both places i tried werent able to take our stuff. what the hell!?

evening: you guessed it...we went to the laundromat cafe! but the machines were available, so it ended up working out great. thankfully. and we ate dinner there, again! i actually found a really well priced chicken dinner that was tasty and fed X and me very happily. dave got the chickenburger and really enjoyed his ($10!) úlfur IPA beer. and while we ate and waited for clothes, X hung out with the kids from this one french family we had kept encountering around reykjavik. bizarre.

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