17 June 2011

Final france friday

overnight: so i went to bed with tummy aches of my own and guess who followed soon after? X was up writhing all night from antibiotic tummy stuff. thats it! im not taking the last 3 pills. that makes me a wretched patient, but i cant deal with this anymore.

grenoble: we did get out to the park one last time before we packed up and readied to leave grenoble behind for paris, so that made me feel better.

(last time at the park: snacking, dancing, watching the big kids, playing in the dirt)

train: we had a direct train (3 hour ride) from grenoble to paris. it felt long and torturous. X was pretty good but really wanted to be on the move. she found a few friends in other train cars to stop by from time to time. our car was pretty hot so when we were in there we were sweaty. i had a headache and tummy troubles that werent fun in the heat.

paris: got off the train and it was cool outside. thank goodness! unfortunately we then had a LONG and contorted walk to our hotel. the gare de lyon (train station) was under major construction and was extremely crowded, we could not figure out which of the 100 exits was the appropriate one to point us in the direction of our hotel. i was SO tired and hungry and feeling crummy at this point. i stopped and asked for directions and we finally made it to the hotel. we checked in and dave went out to get doner kebab sandwiches. something hot and fast. and they were pretty good too.

hotel: we are staying at the hotel viator (12th arr. near the gare de lyon). we have a good sized room with a window looking out to the sex shop across the street. we are in a decent area though. not at all unsafe feeling. seems like a small area of chinese concentration. we are also right near the gare de lyon, but its surprisingly un-noisy. dave took X out to case the neighborhood after dinner while i stayed in and tried to get rid of my headache. he came back with a glowing report that makes the promise of tomorrow sound good.

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Sarah said...

i can't believe how grown up she looks!