09 June 2011

A break in the clouds

morning: woke up with the same bad headache from the night before. i had no fever (thankfully) but was wondering if i needed to see a doctor. dave had the ability to stay home for the morning to help me get settled. we went to the pharmacy and i got some acetaminophen (the pharmacist said ibuprofen wasnt recommended for nursing women, though ive never heard that back home...). if things dont start going well today then i will need to see a doctor i guess. :(

after the pharmacist, we all rode the tram downtown to get a few things at the organic store there and then we walked back toward the tram station through the foreign food area of town: chinese, indian, nepalese, morrocan, middle eastern. yum! i hope we get back there soon.

afternoon: i rested with X during naptime and then i made a plan. i wanted to wash her diapers at the laundromat down the street to make the whole process faster than the washer/drying rack scenario we have in the apartment. so, we dropped the diapers off and went to the park nearby that houses the city art museum. what a lovely place. and it was sunny and the perfect temperature. a wonderful day to finally feel well again! we played there until we had to change the laundry. X also seemed hungry at this point so we put the diapers in the dryer, grabbed some turkey filets and artichoke hearts for dinner and went back to the apartment for a snack.

(playing at the park; cant get the kid to smile these days)

then we went back out. i was still feeling good and the weather was too nice to waste. we grabbed the diapers and headed back to the park. X had a blast. then we came back home and picked up some more dinner items along the way: more sheep cheese (in french, "sheep" is brebis) and some apples.

(theres a partial smile)

evening: after a nice dinner where X ate well (hooray!) we all set out for an evening of fun. calm fun. we walked slowly along the isère river over to "les boules": a ball shaped cable car thing that takes people to the top of the bastille (i had walked up the bastille last time we were in grenoble. i cant believe i did that.). X seemed to really enjoy it and it was fun to be at the top of the hill again and look down on the city below.

(so curious on the walk; "les boules"; family ride in "les boules". this is face she will make as a teenager isnt it?; walking around on the bastille)

after we took the cable car back down, we wandered through the gorgeous and lively old town. there were still some other children out with their parents at this hour (9:30p) so we didnt feel too bad. then we found the nearest tram stop and headed home. it was a very lovely evening. finally.

(you cant really tell, but its dusk at this fountain in the city centre)

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