08 June 2011

Attempt to re-coop

overnight: things went well! as well as could be expected. and i woke up feeling about 80%. im so happy i didnt have to see a doctor here. now i just have to keep it from coming back again, ever! that crap was rudely painful and awful. i think id rather give birth again than deal with that.

morning: i hung around house with X again because i still felt weak. we went out for breakfast bread and i got her a tiny meringue. then we went out to play after she had a mid-morning snack. we found pine cones and swung on the swings. she loved it. on the way back, i stopped in to the deli on our street and got a few artichoke hearts with balsamic vinaigrette and a fried zucchini pancake. yum.

afternoon: after nap and lunch i was still feeling achy but wanted to get out since the super wind that we had from the morning was finally gone. we walked over to the river (isère) and found a walking path that was very lovely. when i feel better im sure we will be exploring those paths along the river much more.

dinner: dave grabbed dinner on his way home from the tram stop. pork chops, green beans, and bread. the pork chops were great. i love having such easy access to good food.

night: as bedtime neared a headache got worse and worse and my fever returned. this is not fun! i decided to sleep on it again and see what was happening in the morning.

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