01 June 2011

Adopting...a new style

i need a new blogging style for our time in europe.

i realized recently that there is no way i am going to be able to capture our time abroad at all if i go about it the way that i normally do. i ramble and meander through all the boring details of the entire day or event. its been lovely for me because i can then easily conjure up the flow and mood of that time in our lives much easier than if i was brief and vague.

but, im just not going to have time to make painstakingly accurate entries about every facet of our days on the trip. and theres no way im saving all of it to blog when i get home. THATS never going to happen either! i am going to have to adopt some new style that reads more like bullet points, lets the photos do more of the talking, and yet still allows me to feel like ive captured the day properly. {sigh} so we shall see what i come up with, bare with me, it might be messy at first.

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