22 May 2011

Undesired eruption

dave was reading the cnn website today and saw this lovely article about an icelandic volcanic eruption...
"A volcanic eruption in Iceland forced flight cancellations and the closure of airspace over the country's four international airports, an official said Sunday.
"There are no international flights in or out of Iceland at this time," Keflavik International Airport spokeswoman Hjordis Gudmunsdottir said.
Officials will reassess the situation at midnight Sunday (8 p.m. EDT), she said."
this eruption from the grimsvotn volcano will hopefully clear up before we take off on june 2 and wont make a reappearance until at least after we are home. a little nervewracking because we didnt buy travel insurance for any of the plans we made, i wouldnt want to forfeit all the money, and of course the MUCH needed vacation getaway.

to make a double entendre: better a premature eruption than no take off at all...

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