23 May 2011

Ferns as food

had a side dish of fiddleheads for dinner tonight and thought id post.

last year around this time we noticed bins of spiraled ferns in a few inches of water appearing in all the grocery stores. these are apparently a canadian delicacy (of sorts, they are also found in other parts of the world). they are young fern fronds before they have unfurled. you can usually see them in the stores for about 3 weeks and then their season is done. we missed it last year because of baby duty, but we grabbed some tonight to go with dinner.

basically you rinse the dirt off of them and boil. dave salt and peppered his, which i neglected to do. i thought they were a bit bland, but that was likely my fault. they tasted like an earthier asparagus. dave thought his were tasty, so i guess next time i should season them a bit.


Sarah said...

totally thought you were eating worms. then i read the post. but seriously, the picture looks like worms.

Mary Ann said...

Now I really want to try them. But where?