28 May 2011

Fair weather saturday

wow, nice weather today!!!

thankfully there were fun things on the X to-do list on a day when the weather decided to cooperate! imagine that! we got loaded up after breakfast and walked ourselves over to uncommon kids to look for a few things to take to france with us. what perfect timing! the travel high chair we wanted was 40% off! its a phil&teds metoo chair and we used it once at a restaurant a while ago because thats what they had as their kiddie high chair. it was really easy to use, and small, and its lightweight and folds down to nothing. we also nabbed a ball with letters on it and a truck, both from the rubbabu company. i also bought some nice crayons, in a hope that one day soon we can start entering the world of art projects with X. fun!

(starting out the day walking down the sidewalk; and then riding in the carrier)

once that successful stop was done, we walked over to the IWK hospital where they had a kids fair going on. it seemed like the entire area of the hospital grounds was being used for festivities. bouncy houses, petting zoos, a mini ride-able train, balloon stand, bake goods table, music stage, a brass band, hot dog vendors. it was great.

we bought a few tickets and did the petting zoo area. X liked the twin lambs the best. and then we got in line for hot dogs. i was thankfully also able to get a nice, crisp apple at the hot dog stand because when we offered X the hot dog (gasp) she only took a few bites and then refused (more for me!). she then proceeded to gobble down the apple.

while i was in line for the hot dogs, she danced to a brass band, and then while eating the apple we stood by the music stage and listened to a tween girl play the guitar...really well! then X started dancing again. she is hilarious.

(some video of her dancing at the fair. she normally doesnt hold our hands while she dances. i cant remember why she was doing that. also, i think you can see that she was trying to sing or something to the music. her mouth was moving a lot.)

and then her morning had wiped her out. we popped her in the carrier and headed over to a little mall area to look in a travel store for some plug adapters for france. she fell asleep on the way there. but, when we got home she woke up from the nap. obscenely short for my liking!

but we finished the afternoon with a trip to a new playground that we found on a halifax playground blog and after dinner ran her around the daltech campus across the street. where she gets all this energy i'll never figure out. perhaps she had stored it up from all the days/months of being cooped up inside!

(enjoying the swings at the isleville playground)

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