07 May 2011

Bored yet?

as you can see, i post about little else but X these days.

this is not because i have become a self-absorbed parent. dear god i hope not. this is because the weather here is CRAP and "tourist season" has not quite started, which means things outside the city are still quiet from the winter "low season," for the most part. there is nothing to do. and if there were, it would have to be a good reason to get this kid in the car. she is still bad at riding distances longer than 30-40 minutes. oh, and add in her food sensitivities and it makes even going out to a restaurant less appealing these days. ugh.

we have plans for getting a life in the works, its just going to take some time. you can watch the blogs left-hand side bar for our upcoming travel destinations and look forward to posts about something more interesting than nap times and baby poop. trust me, i look forward to it as well.


Mary Ann said...

Bored? Never!

Georgette said...

woot woot! MI for all of December? Smack dab in the middle of my maternity leave - can't wait!!!!