25 April 2011

Year 1X in review

last post about dexter being a one year old. promise.

just wanted to summarize the first year as something separate from her birthday celebrations and the "X files" entries. i wish i had made note of a few more things from "the early days" because it would have been interesting to compare more directly to now, but the me from the "early days" would probably give me the "red hot daggers stabbing you in the eyes" look if i went back in a time machine to ask her to take notes...

birth weight: 8lb 1oz
12 month weight: 22 lbs

(one day old; 2 months old; 3.5 months old)

(6 months old; 8 months old; 10 months old)

(one year old. thanks for the outfit auntie jo)

number of teeth: 8
shoe size: 5
clothing size: 18 month

nicknames acquired over the year (all these listed were used with at least some regularity): monster, dex, dexter doo, doo, doodle, doodletown, doo dexter daddles, the baby, the kid, big the kid, dexington [dexter from dexingsville dextilvania], diddley-oddily-oodily-oddily-iddly-oddily-exter, wild monkey wiggler from the sea, my lady, miss, cheeks, cheeky monster, stinko, diapo, toots, pee pee the kid, calamity jane, CJane, helen keller, milko, cheese(y), cheesy charlie, mayor mccheese, beauty, beautiful, beaut, beautibul, regular beaut, irregular beaut

favorite go-to foods: mushroom/cabbage pierogies, applesauce, blackberries, pureed squash/pumpkin/sweet potato, plum, apricot, bread, kamut puffs, dates

new friends born:
madelyn (barish), claire (emmett), sydney (ohara), piper (stepke), della (westra)

new friends to come in 2011:
lady meisner, baby celini, mister guzman/dede, baby eaton

trips taken:
new brunswick: to visit fundy national park
new york (nyack, albany): to attend amys wedding and visit family
michigan: to meet friends and family
florida: to meet family and celebrate the holiday
brooklyn: family and friends

favorite (modified) kids song: the farmer in the dell
(our lyrics...i recognize the insanity of our version)
the farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, hi ho the dairy-o, the farmer in the dell
the farmer takes a wife, the farmer takes a wife, hi ho the dairy-o, the farmer takes a wife
the wife cuts the cheese...
the mouse snorfles the toots...
the cat eats the mouse...
the dog chases the cat...
the flea bites the dog...
everyone gets the plague...
everybodys dead...
the farm is quiet...

a typical dexter day (as a 12 month old): up at 9a. walk around while momma eats. read books. go out for the morning. come back for lunch. and then back out if weather permits. nap from 2-3:30p. play outside or at library. read books until dinner is ready. eat dinner. bath (sometimes). play with papa. read books. bed at 10p.

**in a year of difficult challenges, i am happy that a few things went well for us. i list these as something i am proud of for us, as a family, but not as something that i feel makes us superior.**

things avoided (dexter):
- soother/pacifier
- formula
- disposable diapers

things avoided (me. due to nursing. and actually, all were avoided during pregnancy too):
- medication (this includes meds post-birth. i honestly cant remember how my brain was broken enough in those early newborn days to refuse the advil that would have reduced the pain and swelling in my nether region. there is not really anything to be proud of about that choice, but whats done is done.)
- caffeine (it has never really worked for me anyway, so this one was easy to avoid)
- alcohol (as you may know, i wasnt a big alcohol person before, so, again, this was rather easy for me)

thank yous:
- dexter. thank you for being you. for your curiosity. for your persistence. for your charm. i was so happy to finally meet the little monster who had been kicking around in my belly for so many months. you gave us a run for our money much of this year, but you have spunk and a personality im sure we will grow to appreciate more and more in the coming years. you gave me new eyes for the world and im so glad they get to see your beautiful face every day.

- dave. thank you for being everything. you powered through this year like a champ. on top of maintaining a busy post-doc load involving meetings, publishing papers, program coding/debugging, applying for future jobs, and getting pulled in a million new research directions you also had to work on being a dad. the diapers, the burping, the rocking, swaddling, bouncing, walking, shhhh-ing, the holding, the bathing, the playing, the loving. you also cooked, cleaned (you know...on occasion), ran errands, took care of the cat. and you worked from home as often as possible for the whole year. you became an amazing father. as expected. and watching it unfold was wonderful. dexter is going to benefit more and more each year from what you bring to the table. she is so very lucky.

- family. thank you for your support and love, for us, and for dexter. thank you for traveling near and far to see us and for not complaining about it. i know its hard to be far apart for most of the year, but we thank you for taking the time to stay connected by calling, emailing, and snail mailing. it makes a big difference. and thank you for letting us find our own way on the parenting path. we never had to deal with "well in my day..." or "you should do..." all we heard were words of encouragement and the occasional suggestion if we were directly seeking advice. we have felt so lucky to have this kind of support, and dexter will be able to draw from that support through the years. she is lucky to have you all.

- friends. thank you for being our extended family. coming from a small family, as a kid, i always wondered what it would be like to be a part of a huge, close-knit family. i wonder no more. we have friends going strong from childhood, college, grad school, past jobs, frisbee, france, and beyond. we can go months without contact and years without visiting but we still have close connections with so many people. and dexter has benefited from all of you. many of you kept the postal workers busy this past year by sending wonderful gifts of clothes, books, and more. some of you were even able to come visit. and all of you brought joy to us when you found the time to call, email, comment on this blog, IM, facebook, etc. it seems that dexter will be able to find many people willing to open their homes to her as she gets older and continues to explore the world. we are so very grateful for you and your love.


jomo said...

I love your words to Farmer in the Dell.

Also, the one year pic is so cute...will get to see more from the photo shoot?

nlk731 said...

Jody stole my comment. Except for the fact that I almost peed I was laughing so hard reading the deranged words to "the Farmer in the dell". "Everyone gets the plague"?!?! Really?!? I ask you, what are you teaching that child.

And yes, the one year pic is adorable. I cannot wait to see her again.

amw said...

"everyone gets the plague" is an important public health message about hygiene. the lyrics didnt start out that deranged but its one of her favorite car songs and i got bored of singing it the proper way. this way gets a laugh every time. its a win for everyone. :)

more one year pics coming on facebook when we get to pick up the CD. hopefully this weekend.