13 March 2011

Old papa hubbard

had a wonderfully busy sunday celebrating a belated (31st) birthday for dave.

i recently told dave that i cant believe how much weve done in the last few years, and his birthday is a good example of what i mean. two years ago we were skiing in the alps. last year we were prepping for the arrival of monster. and this year, we are a family of three. and i think we did a pretty good job of having a good time for his birthday this year. if i do say so myself.

we woke up to the sun blaring in through our windows. a good sign! then we quickly ate and got ready to go meet sue, the t.rex, who was on display at the natural history museum. she normally lives at the chicago field museum, but she started a tour of canada, stopping in halifax first. she is the largest, most extensive and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found. of course X couldnt have cared less about her, but it was neat for us to see. X liked to touch all the "sue" stickers that had gotten stuck to the floor though. after seeing the exhibit we wandered through the other galleries showcasing rocks, birds, mammals, marine life, and the live animal area. then we meandered on the sidewalk back to the car letting X explore. she picked up every leaf she saw and had a great time before getting back in the car and heading home for a nap.

(me, X, and sue; X showing interest in some rocks; carrying a leaf on the sidewalk; papa and X)

after the nap, we piled into the car and drove out to the town of hubbards to eat at the trellis cafe. we have eaten there a few times before but the birthday boy wanted their club sandwich and yummy chocolate cake. who was i to deny him? after we ordered our "usual" items, i took X outside to walk in the sunshine. she had a great time looking at rocks and attempting to step in puddles. when our food arrived we went back inside and she got to sit in a cute wooden high chair and enjoy the restaurants awesome homemade country brown bread. it was a really great lunch.

(dave loves club sandwiches but REFUSES to tell the waiters to leave the tomato and mayo off the sandwich. he'd rather get messy and waste his own time scraping the crap off; X in her handmade bib enjoying lunch; dave and his birthday boy chocolate cake)

after food, we werent quite ready to go back so we drove down the road from the restaurant a bit and came to a riverside park. we crossed a little bridge over the fitzroy river and parked to take a look at the raging waters. the early melt had obviously dumped a ton of cold water into the river and it was making a very loud, yet very peaceful waterfall noise. X had a great time. she was mesmerized by the water for a while, and then we put her down and she played with sticks, moss, dirt, rocks. she climbed the steps up to a little church and climbed back down. she mountain climbed up some bigger rocks. we found a beautiful spider in the grass to poke with a stick. and a caterpillar. and buds on trees. signs of life! it was such a nice little random find of a place on a lovely day.

(watching the river with papa; slaying the papa dragon with her stick)

but eventually it was nap time and so we piled back in to the car and X slept on the way home. once we hit the apartment door we were back in action though. dave made a pasta casserole to bring over to stephanie (the mom who made Xs bib. see above.) and baby avas house for dinner. avas daddy is away and we thought it might be helpful to make the single momma dinner and to wear out the babies. :) and while visiting, ava seemed to have convinced X that crawling can be cool. she started to (very stiffly) actually crawl while playing. whoa! and it only took 10.5 months. lol. so now the babies both have a similar skill set: crawling, walking with help, banging on things, they like books, etc. so its nice to have a buddy so close by for X to play with.

and THAT was our day. probably the busiest in memory. certainly the most action packed X has gotten. in her life quite possibly. everything was tailored to her but we were able to have a nice birthday day for dave at the same time. it was lovely.

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