20 March 2011

Aimless wandering and derailed plans

last day in brooklyn, and we spent it alone. :(

so, X woke up and still had her fever. we werent going to have a great day it seemed. we said a too fast goodbye to daves mom and sister and gave X her first advil dose of the day. we then proceeded to ingest the crappy hotel breakfast because the "tasty deli" was closed. then dave did a diaper load at the laundromat next door while X got ready for a nap. by now it was check out time and goodbye time. we had gotten a late check out (so X could nap), but ntina, ben, jody, and patrick were leaving at the regular time since X was still sick. i had a nice, albeit too brief, chat with them before saying goodbye. it was so great of them to make the trip to be with us in brooklyn and only see us for what amounted to a few hours.

(X, post-advil, surrounded by her beloved books, some new ones too, on our last morning at the hotel)

after goodbyes and hugs...we were alone. :( after X woke up we checked out and left our big bag in the hotel storage. we had until the end of the day to make our way to the edge of queens where our last hotel was. so, we hopped the subway up to bergen st where dave had seen lots of hits on yelp. we chose the simple "bergen bagels" for lunch. a mediocre bagel but it was better than anything ive seen in halifax, by far. while we munched the bagels i had to listen to mindless chatter by some annoying nerd-sters talking loudly near us. they seemed to be on a date or having a get-to-know-you session. whatever they were gabbing about, it made me glad im married.

then we started aimlessly wandering, trying to figure out the best thing to do with our remaining time. an idea never came to us. we checked out the menu at nearby "kaz an nou" because dave had seen it was well rated and it was french caribbean, so we were curious. looked tasty. we also popped into a crazy busy toy store and kids barber shop called lulus. we spotted a few more things before we walked out of family/hipster land and into a different kind of area. just busy and loud and void of character. we were done for the day i guess. amy and tony ended up not being able to come hang out with us (thankfully i had given them a goodbye hug the night before) so we just took the subway back to the hotel.

we gathered our luggage and settled X in the ergo for a nap. thankfully she slept while we navigated the 3 subway lines out to our last hotel. when we got far enough out that the subway came above ground, at least the sun was shining and we could see some more of the city. it was definitely a dicier part of town, but i didnt feel uncomfortable at all. all of our travel on this trip turned out to be very easy and i would definitely do it again.

we finally arrived at the end of the line in jamaica, NY. our hotel was in sight of the train to the airport but in a not-so-nice area. just car repair shops and open lots. but the hotel was clean and safe and we checked in with no problem. we were in for the night for sure, but we had to find someone to deliver food to us. we chose indian curry express. they were anything but "express" but the food was tasty and hot and it didnt make us sick. i shoveled it in my face and was ready for bed.

we then proceeded to get a crappy nights sleep due to X and her issues. not the best thing for flying the next day. but we managed to have an easy travel day in terms of things running on time and going smoothly. the train to the airport was easy, the airport was calm, the plane took off on time, and we had a good flight home.

overall, as you can see, our vacation to see loved ones did not go as planned. that is a bummer, but im glad we got to see and do what we did. i needed some friends after a long winter. and the trip taught us a few things about how we want to travel to a pleasure destination in the future. it was our first trip that wasnt specifically for any reason. we had gone to NY for a wedding, we had gone to MI to have X meet family and friends, and we had gone to FL for the holidays. this was the first trip where we went to a new-to-us locale and went based on our own motivation (not that the other trips were torturous, they were just born of a different intent).

we found the public transportation travel mode to be ideal with X, especially because we seem to be fully capable of traveling fairly lightly with her. we can navigate this method pretty easily. and the travel from JFK via train/subway into brooklyn only cost $7.25 per person. a steal! other things we learned were how to manage staying in a hotel for the whole vacation. though it was a short trip, we figured out how to easily do laundry for Xs diapers, get medicine, and find her quality food to eat (and then how to carry it around with us. plus, we didnt have a fridge in our room).

we also realized that while our experiment of mixing 3 different social groups was too busy for us. as i said before, i loved that they all traveled to see us, and i loved how well they all got along. they were the ideal guinea pigs...but the bottom line was...i felt bad that they were guinea pigs in the first place. it was unfair to set it up to be so challenging. i didnt get to spend much time with anyone, we were juggling X, and both dave and i had people we really wanted to chat with but didnt get much devoted time to do so. now we know: one social group at a time. seems easy enough. also, we hope very soon to be able to book a trip that is solely for pleasure, and solely for us. a new place we explore alone. i think that that will be the best way to see exactly what X needs while away from home and when she needs it. then we can have greater success when we travel to visit loved ones.

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