06 February 2011

Viewed from arms length, a decent diner

another sunday brunch that didnt really meet expectations.

after a nightmarish night of "sleep" courtesy of X, i was in no mood to try a nice place for brunch. so we put aside our brunch wish list and found a diner with decent reviews that we hadnt tried yet. we chose the "armview diner."

we arrived just as the crowds were thinning and got a quiet area to sit. the decor was 60s/70s style and had only been updated sparingly since then. there were old barber shop knick knacks around, dj equipment (used for their nighttime entertainment) and the overall colors and designs were funky. so the place had potential.

as we sat looking at the menu, a friendly little girl and her father came over to say hi to X. had a nice parental chat in which he assured us that things do get better and that he was enjoying every minute of his time with his precious daughter. he was an older dad, and seemed to have so much enthusiasm about it, so it was nice to listen to him talk.

as for food, i ordered my diner standard of 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, toast, and tea. the bacon was extremely fatty/greasy, limp and nearly devoid of actual meat. made me shiver just thinking about eating a wobbly strip of fat. the eggs were dry and lame, and everything else was average.

dave ordered the haddock burger with home fries. he actually enjoyed his food and really liked the lemon dill tartar sauce. X also had a good experience. she got some toast from my plate, and we ordered her a side of fruit. blueberries, melon, grapes. she ate everything we offered her. i couldnt believe she packed it all away!

in the end, it was a standard diner with a few shining elements and a few cringe-ables. i wouldnt go back, but we didnt have a bad time.

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