27 February 2011

Sweet nectar combats social ills

got out for brunch before heading into retail hell.

we chose the nectar social house in dartmouth for brunch today. it had been on my list for a while but we finally got around to it. its on the same block as two if by sea cafe, so i was hoping to be as pleased with nectar as we were by the cafe. nectars website makes it look pretty swanky, so i wasnt sure how things would pan out.

thankfully when we arrived the place was just starting to calm down, which is always good for us. they cleared a place for us so we could sit at a comfortable table and spread out our babyware, so that was nice. and then, while we skimmed the menu, we noted the cool mod decor: fringe curtains as room dividers, dark woods, leather wall tiles, funky wallpaper patterns, glass tile, white leather chairs, and lots of cool lighting and mirrors. and still, amid all this hip, trendiness, they were really pleasantly kid-friendly toward us.

(reading with papa while we wait for food)

as for food, dave ordered the buttermilk banana pancakes which came with fresh fruit on top. very yummy without being too sweet and there was a real amount of fruit (not a garnish like most places) so X could enjoy as well. and for me, i ordered the "eggs bombay." a departure from my otherwise standard breakfast fare. and i really dug it. it was two poached (medium) eggs over rice, covered in a mild curry sauce and served with sourdough toast. it also came with sausage which i of course gave to dave. im glad i branched out because it was a really nice dish. if we go back i know im going to be hard pressed to order anything else. im now on the hunt for unusual brunch items, i like being pleasantly surprised.

(mmmm, food)

another lovely surprise: the womens bathroom had a basket of individually rolled up terry washcloth-sized towels to dry your hands on. it was a luxurious bathroom accent and an eco-friendly choice that also worked well for helping to clean X up at the end of the meal. i thought it was fabulous.

all that positive energy was just what i needed before we went to the mall...eeeppps. we tried the bookstore "chapters" first. i wanted to buy a few of the library books we were enjoying with X so that we could have them for our very own. my mistake though, i thought bookstores still actually sold books. they do not. chapters is like a mini-disneyworld. the store had just as many tables filled with knick-knacky junk and toys as it did books, and that is BEFORE you entered the kids area. there was a HUGE entrance sign making you feel like you were entering a ride, and what a ride it was. the outer edges of the area that penned you in were set up as the bookshelves and then everything inside the pen was toys: buckets and boxes and piles of toys and games. they had one of the worst collections of books i have ever seen. so when i went looking for the one thing i really wanted, of course i couldnt find it. our home "library" is more diverse than this bookstore was, and we didnt bring a single kids book with us here when we moved! i was fuming.

(crazyland. although, this picture doesnt begin to do the place justice)

on our way out of chapters, we peeked in to the neighboring store, tag, to see what they had in the baby section. its like a target that sells only clothes and home decor. decent prices, lots of color, and decent variety. i couldnt convince myself to buy anything though, but it was nice to know they have a whole wall of children rain gear for when the time comes...and that time is coming soon.

(this much color and fresh plastic smell would normally give me a seizure, but it is nice to know where i can go to outfit X when the spring rain falls begin)

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Susan said...

Wow this must be like the flip flop store in Florida!! I have never seen so many rubber boots on one shelf. Cute though. By then Dexi will be walking and splashing in to every puddle. Can't wait.