28 February 2011

Oscar overview

kindly skip over this entry if you dont want to read hollywood chatter.

as you know, hollywood award season is to me what college football season is to dave. lifeblood. my feeling toward movies is similar to my feelings toward food: i like to try new things, i love being pleasantly surprised, i say "better luck next time" when i have a less than stellar experience, i have my comfort favorites that cant be replaced no matter how old i get, and the classics have a special place in my heart.

anywho, this year i found a live web feed but missed the red carpet (thanks X). but i was able to watch a large portion of the actual awards (unlike last year or the year before) so that was a good thing. maybe. i found the dresses to be pretty "safe" and on the whole boring, but i guess they were better than some of the disasters from years past. i had a few favorites though so that was something at least.

(favorite surprise of the night was cate blanchetts unusual dress that totally rocked; and while reeses dress was "safe" i thought in general she looked hot)
(i was shocked to find this picture and think "camila alves. va-va-voom!" she has never really been on my radar, but she looks like a modern day frida kahlo. and i mean that in the most complimentary way possible [if you know me, you will know where im coming from]. gorgeously exotic.; and my mr darcy, eh-hem, mr colin firth. what a dapper dude. and his wife looks lovely. glad he is being well taken care of.)

as for the actual award show. ack. the hosts (james franco and anne hathaway) were total tanks for me. anne has always annoyed the crap out of me, so that wasnt a shock, but i was looking for so much more from james. he seems to have carved out a unique, cool place for himself in recent years but he looked like a dull, stiff, pretty boy on stage. i wanted to punch him in the stomach. or slap him or something. ditto for anne. they were wasting my time and embarrassing me in the same second.

thankfully though, there were a couple bright spots. i was rather surprised to find myself chuckling at the award presentation by russell brand/helen mirren. tee hee. and i liked colins win and speech, although, i would have actually liked to have seen him dance, or kick up his heels or something. {sigh} but that was it. those were the positives. you throw in an annoying presence and musical performance from gwyneth paltrow (!? she now tops my list of major irritants, and her stupid newsletter GOOP) and ive got to say that the oscars were, overall, a waste of my precious time. :( but i still look forward to next year, and the year after that, and then ive got to keep the kookiness up so that X can be convinced to watch with me during the years while im stuck in a nursing home.

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