14 February 2011

Bathtub time machine

this weekend we were able to preview a big kid milestone, as well as take a trip back to the twilight zone of newborn hell.

so, some of Xs friends are already turning one. this saturday we had our first one year old birthday party to attend. we expected and tried to get X to nap beforehand, but she must have sensed something in the air and would NOT go to sleep. so, we gave up and told her she had to stay awake until the end of the party (which she did, it was a one nap day for her). we got to the party late because we had planned on the nap and showering and getting ready while X slept, grr. so it was in full swing when we arrived and all of our playdate pals were there. thankfully we didnt miss out on singing happy birthday to mr kaleb.

(all three of the girls of the playgroup are actually in this pic: X, ava, and havyn; birthday boy kaleb with his mom laura)

then, on sunday we made a mexican casserole to take to our visit with newborn baby molly and her tired parents. mom, janice, is a geology PhD student working with daves boss and this is her first child with husband mike. they are nice people who are far away from family, like us. having a little one in the dead of winter cant be fun, plus, janice is already back at work trying not to lose too much time off of her PhD schedule. so, mike is the stay at home dad, struggling to keep his eyes open while caring for the newborn. not that mom has it easy either!

it was nice to be able to bring them food, break their social isolation, and give them some confidence that things will get easier (slightly. ha!). they had the same feelings and frustrations as us and they were just tired enough to have their guard down to be able to share with us without feeling weird or taboo about it. those early days are brutal man! plus they were in the thick of the 3 week growth spurt. ugh. and while i honestly cant remember the exact intensity of it anymore (it really does fade!) i still have a great fear of the newborn days, and still have sense enough to not to want to do it again anytime (ever?). i do hope we can semi-regularly see them, at least to help boost everyones spirits until we get out of this windy, grey winter. its so nice to be able to commiserate. :)

so, we saw the not so distant future and experienced a first birthday party, and got to take a step back to the hellish nightmare that is the newborn. interesting to see how far X has come, and where we are going. when you can pause for a second and reflect, its pretty amazing what they accomplish in their first year.

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