24 January 2011

Weekend waffles

gourmet waffles for sunday breakfast made by someone else? yes please!

a baby friend and her partner invited us over for a waffle tasting party. the dad of the duo is thinking about opening a waffle stand at the local market and wanted to get some outside opinions. i was totally up for the challenge. :)

we headed over to chris, stephanie and baby avas at around 10a to taste the variety of yummies coming out of the iron. chris had four different batters going: traditional, chocolate overload, orange/lavender, and apple/walnut/blackberry. i really did like them all and would definitely pay money for them, but my favorites were the orange/lavender and the apple/walnut/blackberry. lavender in food is something i am learning to appreciate, and when paired well with another ingredient, it really does work nicely. also, to add to the waffles, there was chocolate syrup, maple syrup (real, canadian stuff of course), and lingonberry syrup. there was also supposed to be a birch syrup to try, but it hadnt arrived from the yukon yet. darn. i am intrigued though.

(the first waffle off the iron. an apple/walnut/blackberry one. yum.)

anyway, we had a nice morning. i got fed, X got to try her first plain waffle (she gobbled it up), and dave found another bearded geologist who likes to cook. yes, thats right, this dad happened to have a degree in geology from dalhousie. i am now convinced that you honestly cant gravitate toward geology unless you are comfortable with facial hair, like to cook, and drink lots of microbrew beer.

(plain waffle. yum.)

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Trav said...

i need to make friends like these. perhaps tony can strike up conversations with other men with beards... he DOES like microbrews, so maybe he'll like rocks.