22 January 2011

Right chef fred

made it out for more tasty food this saturday. i can definitely get used to this...

today we chose freds whet cafe. we had been there once while i was pregnant (almost exactly one year ago!) and definitely wanted to come back, we just never got motivated to get in the car and find parking on the weird block that its on. the food/gallery side of the building is nice and airy and open and colorful, so its a good space for X to be in. plus, we got a nice big oval shaped table and they had a high chair for her so we were finally all able to sit at a table together and share a meal on the same level. man i cant wait to have a real living space one day.

anyway, on to the food. we had a quick glance at the menu and ordered the chicken pot pie with seasonal veggies (squash, brussel sprouts, etc) and a side orzo pasta salad for me, and the lemon fishcakes with root beer baked beans and side orzo pasta salad for dave.

well, let me skim over the negative point before getting to the positives. the fish cakes were too fishy for our liking, there i said it. but the chicken pot pie was classy comfort food and the side orzo salad was oh so yummy. amazing balance of flavors, warmed up but not dried out, simple yet very satisfying. my spoon kept shoveling it into my mouth. and the root beer baked beans? if youve never had such a thing, you should seek it out. i dont know where but just do it. they were so surprisingly delightful. just a hint of the sassafras flavor and the playful sensation of carbonation. the beans were warm and actually felt like a light side dish rather than a thick, sugary, heavy, burpy bellybuster.

post-meal we had to order some sweet treats. there were many items to be tempted with but we chose the simple cookie option. a chocolate, chocolate cookie and a sugar cookie. for me, both were pretty "meh." the sugar cookie had anise or something in it that appealed to dave, but turned me off, and things with two chocolates really need to live up to their name or else im not impressed. but it wasnt like the sweets were a failure, they just werent memorable.

final judgment: yum. another good weekend family meal out. it didnt win out over fid, but it was a great sophomore effort. im hopeful for the future. :)

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