21 January 2011

Nutmeg nonsense

maybe nutmeg should get her own chronicles...

so its been a little more than a year since weve had to deal with major nutmeg issues, why not have some more fun with the vet? the problem starts with us going on vacation. when we lived in ann arbor we always had friends, family, or some other pleasant way of taking care of nutmeg while we were out of town. man were we spoiled. since weve lived here, we tried having acquaintances come and watch her but it just doesnt work out well, so we had to resort to cat hotels and other means. well, the cat hotel we took her to for the NY and MI trips was booked so we went with a nice retired nurse lady who took in pets at her own house while their owners were away.

the lady was nice, her place seemed fine, and we needed someone to watch her over christmas break when we were in FL. we couldnt really be picky at this point. well, she got stressed from the living situation and developed a bladder infection (probably from also not coming out of hiding enough to drink water). also, something at that house gave her fleas. ugh. ugh. ick.

we took her to the vet and they said we had caught the fleas early and that the flea medicine she is now on will also kill the fleas in her home environment as well as on her body. great. and gross. they also gave her a flea bomb to instantly kill all fleas that were currently on her. rad.

she also needed a urine sample to confirm the infection. unlucky for nutmeg, she empties her bladder each and every time she sees her cat carrier, so she had nothing to give on this vet visit. we had to bring her back the next day and leave her there all day before she stored up enough urine to give as a sample. and indeed she did have a bladder infection. she needed an antibiotic shot (which she then vomited from) and was recommended to be on wet food (and still some dry food, to help with her rotting teeth issues) for the rest of her life.

awesome. something like $600 later, we had a relatively happy cat back on our hands. and an apartment to clean up. even though her medicine was going to kill the fleas in our apartment, of course i wanted to get everything i could possibly clean up, cleaned up. i washed all the bedding, blankets, etc. and swept the floors. and i also went looking for dried up cat pee spots. she had kindly notified us of her bladder infection by leaving little puddles of pee in high traffic areas. i had wiped most of them up when i found them, but i assumed there were more lurking around. things have finally gotten to an acceptable level of clean, but i am haunted by the feeling of being dirty. thankfully X was never affected and nutmeg doesnt lay on her toys or rub on her clothes or anything, so that is comforting. it just sucks that as nutmeg gets older these things are going to pop up more frequently. and if we keep going on vacation, she is going to continue to get stressed by whoever watches her. *sigh*

oh, and did i mention that on the way to pick her up from the vet, the exhaust on the car finally broke and needed a $500 fix. having senior citizens in your life is expensive. and the car and the cat always seem to need tending to at the same time. argh.

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