30 January 2011

Niche food for people who cant taste good

you win some, you lose some.

sunday brunch this week was not stellar. it was shit actually. we decided to finally try the place just down the street from us called "niche." we had avoided it for one reason or another for so long, and i guess we should have kept it that way. but today we were tired and low on time, so we thought it was a good day to check it out.

first strike against it is that its the restaurant affiliated with the four points sheraton that attaches to the back of the annoyingly huge cloud-scraper in town thats lovingly called "the waffle." i normally hate hotel restaurants. they dont have to try hard at all to please their customers because the hotel supplies the bulk of their diners. the diners usually being the people too lazy to step outside and follow their eyes, or nose, or brain. thus, they can serve poop on a platter and still expect to be in business next month.

second strike against it is that it is situated at the base of the T-intersection of the two main downtown streets in halifax and is on the main level of a huge office building. it not only draws lazy hotel guests, but busy downtown business workers in need of a fast lunch, or a schmoozy meal, or a place to unwind at the end of a hard day.

third strike was the fact that when we entered the place, there was no one there. one table of ladies was finishing up. that is all. we should have turned and ran. we did not. thus, the blame is on us. i looked at the menu as we sat down and was extremely leery, yet, i ordered the full breakfast of eggs, toast, potatoes, and bacon. the bacon was average and everything else was icky, in the form of tasting like plastic. dave ordered the pancakes with strawberries which tasted like my memories of the mcdonalds hotcakes we used to eat on family road trips growing up.

to round out the experience, our waiter was weird. at one point, he brought an emu egg over to the table and told dave that they sell them at the farmers market...interesting i suppose, but why are you telling me this? and why did you bring it to work? im sure i dont want to know.

bottom line: we will not be eating here again.


Anonymous said...

You know the restaurant was there long before the hotel right?

amw said...

im not surprised to hear that, but it doesnt make their food taste any better. perhaps it needed to be taken in by the hotel in order to survive.