15 January 2011

Fid pro quo

something for something: i will give you my money and you will give me a taste explosion.

so today we were in need of a meal. my first choice was a nicer place that i hadnt been to before called "fid." what we ended up deciding on was a more casual cafe place called "annies." however, when we arrived at annies it had a truck at the entrance and they were in the process of moving! sweet. luckily, my first choice was just down the street, so we headed to fid after all.

fid is a small, cozy, chic-casual restaurant that tries to provide locally sourced menu items with impeccable culinary skills. we hadnt gone before because i was worried about it being busy and cramped and trying and contain X in all that claustrophobia. for brunch at a later hour however, we had no problem. and we were able to sit a little off to the side, away from most diners.

upon being seated, we quickly glanced at the menu. these days we basically do an eye scan of the text and hope something drool-worthy pops out at us in those 5 seconds. we tend to bite the bullet and order that item without much further thought. kinda scary sometimes.

i got the "full breakfast" which meant a plate with a plain egg omelet, a piece of sausage, a few strips of meaty thick bacon, two homemade crumpets, a grilled tomato, and fingerling potatoes. the eggs, bacon, and crumpets were DElightful. i love, love, loved the heavy feeling of having them sitting in my stomach afterward. honestly. its hard to fill me up these days and that meal was the tastiest brick ive had sitting in there in AGES. (note: dave enjoyed the sausage, as i didnt want to waste the space in my stomach on sausage when there were so many other tasty things to eat.)

now, what did dave get? he ordered the irresistibly HEAVENLY french toast. perfectly done brioche french toast with berry sauce, fruit slices, and a dollop of sweet-ish goat cheese. i have never been a big french toast person, but i couldnt keep my fork out of his dish. it wasnt too sugary, it had a slight crunch to it, and then it melted in your mouth. there wasnt even the offering of maple syrup. it was the furthest cry from the crappy french toasts of yore. this stuff was to die for. it put a huge smile on my face, and reminded me of why i should be happy to be alive. seriously, it was that good. why hadnt we done this sooner?

and X did great. we walked her around the atrium before the food arrived, and then she alternated sitting on our laps while we ate. she enjoyed some pear and apple slices, a bite of crumpet, a bite of potato, and she drank from a water glass. she had a great time and was quiet.

what a great way to spend a part of our weekend. it was JUST what i needed (food therapy) and we hadnt done it in SO long and the food was just so fantastic. i hope we can do it more often on these depressing winter weekends. i need a mental boost and good food is my ray of sunshine. plus, seeing that X enjoyed it and dave got a break from the kitchen. everybody wins.

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wendy said...

We at Fid Resto are delighted that you found your way to us and that your brunch was as delicious and happy an experience as we aim for with everyone who comes by for a meal. Thanks for blogging about it. We're planning to post your blog onto our 'reviews' section of web site. Next time you come in for a meal, please say hello to owners Monica (out front) or Dennis (in the kitchen)!

amw said...

neat! im listed on their website: http://fidresto.ca/reviews/?lang_view=en