19 December 2010

Serendipitous sunday

nice little sunday we had. even found a few new places.

stepped out into the sunshine this morning on our walk to the grocery store for ingredients for "soup sunday." carried X in backpack mode in our carrier, which she has recently agreed to, and she was positively giddy about being outside. bouncing and smiling the whole way. so cute.

anyway, after the grocery store and a nap we got in the car to take a look at a couple new places in dartmouth. i somehow recently found out about another cafe/bakery, so of course, we had to go. i think weve pretty much eaten all the sweets and sandwiches available in our area now.

when we walked into the edgewood cafe is was surprisingly crowded. with kids. weird. we luckily found a table though and i ordered our sandwiches and sweets (a cranberry square, gingerbread man, maple shortbread, and raisin butter tart...i had to try this many things to make a fair assessment...) and sat down. then, santa come into the store. it was obviously some pre-planned thing because he had toys with kids names on them. but he was a very convincingly dressed santa and with all the kids in the bakery it made it a fun time. X thoroughly enjoyed herself by smiling at everyone and eating her tomato slices, chicken pieces, and bakery bread. she even said hi to santa before we left. a cute place with decent treats and great prices.

next stop was to a new kids store called fiddleheads. i had heard about it from my momma group and wanted to check out what they were throwing in to the local baby store mix. they have a nice space right on a lake in dartmouth and a decent size show room. lots and lots of safe, non-toxic, colorful, fun kids toys and other baby essentials (wraps/carriers, bath stuff, eating gear, sleeping stuff, etc). we got a great local handmade rattle for $8, a cool manhattan brand wooden toy for our upcoming airplane ride to florida, and a sample of this new diaper detergent i have been hearing moms rave about. rockin green soap. i'll give it a try. the store employee was friendly and helpful, just as i had hoped, and, overall, i look forward to shopping there again in the future.

later that night, our days positive vibes were still flowing. dave was able to make a yummy soup that is basically my new favorite thing. its a weird one with zucchini, red lentils, couscous, carrots, etc. but it had a great flavor and texture and with the added chicken and crushed red pepper it was a perfectly well-rounded meal. i like when potentially average days can turn out so well.


Sarah said...

I've heard good things about rockin' green - you'll have to let me know what you think!

Mary Ann said...

I'm telling you...Being married to a man that cooks is just the best. Both of my "kids" are into cooking. It's great.