24 December 2010

A canadian christmas miracle

just in time, the government sent us our renewed work permits.

the work permits we first got when we entered canada expire december 31, 2010. so in october dave got his new work contract made up so that he could submit it to immigration services and apply for a new work permit. we thought it made most sense to apply online, so he did that...on november 5.

after several weeks of having nothing come in the mail, dave went back to the website and noted that it can take 8 weeks to process the request if you apply online, or 4 weeks if you go in person! ugh. by then we had already booked our flight to florida for the holidays. we are to be gone december 25-january 1. and january 1 would put us as trying to enter canada on an expired work permit. so, we printed out all the paperwork we had proving that we had applied to renew our permits and hoped like hell that the real thing would come in the mail. otherwise we would have to travel with Xs canadian passport and give them some sob story about how our anchor baby needs to get back to her canadian home full of toys.

well, thankfully, today, the last day the postal service runs before we leave on vacation, we saw two brown government envelopes sitting in our mailbox. joy to the world, a miracle has occurred! we are now legal to move about the world. yay.

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