28 November 2010

Two if by seas got a hold on me

found a new cafe with tasty treats. hooray!!!

my facebook stalking paid off! :) one of the moms in my playgroup mentioned a new cafe in dartmouth. what? i thought id seen all dartmouth had to offer. apparently i missed an entire street. and a lovely one at that. on sunday afternoon we made our way over the bridge and onto ochterloney street. we found the right block, a secondary main street-type vibe we hadnt known existed in dartmouth, and parked. then we entered two if by sea cafe.

cool. it had an urban loft feel with lots of glass, metal, exposed pipes, and simple, mod wooden furniture. the street it looked out on wasnt super busy and there were buildings with character across the way, so the place also managed to have a homey/cozy feel. we werent interested in the coffee obviously (we be tea drinkers), but i had read about the croissants and was eager to try them. nope, they were sold out for the day already. darn, i guess we will just have to come back. we then chose two gigantic cookies: a chocolate chip and oatmeal cinnamon raisin. enormous and $2 each. seriously?

while looking for a place to sit and eat the cookies dave encountered a friend from ultimate frisbee. he and his girlfriend were taking a study break from dental exams and were cool with us sitting next to them. they made friends with X and we chatted about non-baby things. it was quite exciting! they reminded me of what life was like before. :) plus, the girl expressed interest in holding X and X didnt even fuss. bonus!

it was a really nice random thing to be doing on a sunday. new cafe, new acquaintances, new treats. plus, the icing on the cake for me came when i went looking for some water. they had a tall metal barrel of self-serve ice water, complete with mason jars. i dont know why but you can serve me just about anything in a mason jar and i will think it tastes better, and i'll think you are way awesome for having thought of the idea.

anyway, the study break ended so our new friends had to leave, and we had to get moving as well. the dreaded mall was beckoning us, we wanted to see if toys-r-us or zellers had anything we wanted to get for X before the mad, mad crazy christmas rush of shoppers picked through everything. they did not however have much of interest to us, but we did come home with a new foam ABC-123 mat. so, in the end, i counted today as a great way to end a weekend.

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