30 November 2010

Pardon me, do you have any gr[ey]-oupon?

more new food. im on a roll. or, a baguette, to be more specific.

so, shortly after leaving the u.s. i noticed this thing called groupon taking off. after figuring out what it was, i was bummed that i missed out on the fun of checking your inbox for the daily deal for your city. a while ago i thought to look and see if groupon was offered here in halifax. it wasnt yet, but i got on the mailing list to be notified when it started up. and, recently it did actually start up.

of course most of the "deals" i dont have any use for, but the food ones...im almost always game for those. and lucky for me, the first tempting food groupon offer was for a restaurant i hadnt been to yet. indochine bahn mi. a vietnamese sandwich place. i can definitely get on board to try that. so, i bought the deal ($5 for $10 worth of food) and that was that.

anyway, dave printed the groupon coupon and i took it over there to get dinner tonight. i got the lentil pate sandwich with some veggie pho. dave went with "whatever meat they recommend as a top seller or favorite," which ended up being the pork meat ball sandwich. the sandwiches came on baguettes and were topped with pickled carrots and daikon, some citrus mayo, and cilantro. yum! also, the pho was nice and spicy and its crunchy, fresh veggies were lovely.

so it was a good meal, a decent new restaurant option, and a positive experience with groupon. yay. i love when things work out. im sure we will be back for more sandwiches, and im sure i'll make friends with groupon again soon. :)

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Sarah said...

Love love love groupon! I've bought a restaurant deal for AA and recently there was a deal $25 for $50 worth of groceries at Plum Market - yay!