20 November 2010

No santa baby

attempted the holiday parade with X tonight.

ha, i bet some of you who know me thought this title meant an entry filled with winter solstice, no-santa-for-X chatter. you were wrong. :) anyway, tonight was the holiday parade of lights. as usual, part of the parade route went right near our apartment. and even though it was chilly, windy, and rainy, we thought it was worth trying to check out. we had missed it last year and now, with X, we were interested in seeing her reaction more than anything else.

the parade was to start at 6p, so at around 6:10p we left our apartment with X bundled warmly in fleece as an under layer and an outer layer of rain suit and fleece head and hand gear (courtesy of the eatons. thanks!). we found a nice spot in the front row just a block or so from home. we then had to wait 30 minutes in the icy weather for the parade to get to us. i dont think it would have been nearly so bad if we hadnt been enveloped by a cloud of smokers.

seriously, this is a parade for kids. it involves santa coming at the end. there were children lined up in strollers all up and down the parade route. why oh why would these fools think lighting up would be a great idea? with the dampness all around us it only made the smoke hang in the air longer, and they seemed to be taking as long as possible to smoke their cancer sticks down. i guess im not surprised though, ive never seen such inconsiderate (and plentiful) smokers as i have in halifax. yes, people smoked in france, in europe in general, but they never irritated my lungs on such a daily/hourly basis as they have since moving here. i wanted to kick the legs out from under all of the smokers standing near us.

anyway, back to the parade...it was late. it was cold. X was very patient, and finally the floats started coming. the local radio station floats were first and they were super loud. X got scared and needed to be calmed down a few times. the floats were actually rather lame, at least the early ones, and after a dozen or so went by and we were cold and grumpy, we decided to turn in for the night. we didnt make it to the end of the parade to see santa. :( but X did seem to like the floats that had lots of lights...just not the ones that were blaring announcements and music. lucky for us we live so close so we could catch as much or as little of the event as we wanted without it interrupting our night too much.

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