21 November 2010

Brunch: bust. Boots: bad ass.

got out of the city for brunch today. not really worth it.

the weather was a balmy "feels like 10" degrees outside, so our desire to check out blue beach wasnt really in the cards, but we thought we could still drive up to windsor for brunch at a spot we had been interested in for a while. we made a reservation before we left (just in case. ha. its november.) and drove the hour north.

when we arrived at cocoa pesto at around 12:30p, there were just a few other people in the small restaurant. everyone was speaking in very hushed tones, so im sure they freaked a little when they saw us bringing an infant in. but, as usual, i think X impressed them with her ability to be quiet. we entertained her while we looked at the menu and ordered.

dave got the burger with sweet potato fries and i got the brunch platter of eggs, biscuit, and slow-cooked molasses baked beans. X was able to munch on the side of toast i ordered, some of daves tomato slices, a bite of eggs, and a blackberry. i think X had the most fun. daves burger was decent but the sweet potato fries (which were reasonably tasty) were not worth their $5 asking price. my food...was "meh." hadnt had eggs in a while so i enjoyed that, but the biscuit was dry and the beans were too sweet. X, however, munched her toast (and then excitedly threw it on the floor), chomped the eggs, made a mess with the tomatoes, and painted herself black with berry juice. she is a FREAK for berries. and now the jacket she wore is stained out of commission.

after brunch, we decided it was too cold to do anything but drive home. wimps, i know. but i just dont like the damp wind okay? it chills you to the bone. on the ride home, X napped so we stopped at the trail shop to check out their sale since we figured she would be in a patient mood after having some rest. the store was having a 20% off everything sale.

i was in desperate need of some new cold weather rain boots. my cheap made-in-china shitters that cost less than $30...gave me exactly what i paid for and i was tired of sore feet and wet socks. i wanted to stay warm, be comfortable, and still be able to step in a few puddles dammit. is that too much to ask? enter bogs boots. i knew they were what i wanted but i was wimpy about buying them without having thought it through fully (and done my online price comparisons, etc) and having to elbow rich, trendy, outdoorsy-types outta the way to get at a pair. but, dave finally grabbed a sales person and miraculously they had the exact color/style i wanted in my size. i guess it was meant to be. these things are warm, comfortable, and the shortie boot style means i will get the water protection i need (even for fairly deep puddles) and still have the versatility i want to use them everyday. puddles, here i come!!

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