24 October 2010

Hot air 15 - Scraps of "culture" in a post-momma world

so, ive been at this mom thing for half a year now and post-X ive been making a list of the few things that have entered my realm that might possibly be construed as "culture." its a small collection of the new tastes, sights, experiences ive had of late but im hoping it will grow as i get the hang of this new life.

- a zucchini, goat cheese appetizer: after purchasing his new calphalon grill pan, dave was on the lookout for some fun things to make besides meat. these things were tasty and simple.
- a rice, fruit, chicken salad: on occasional sundays we have the time and ingredients to make a hearty salad that can last me several lunches throughout the week. this recipe was extra yum because it was prepared by naked chef dave. good story, he started the rice for the salad and got in the shower while i was putting X to sleep. he forgot to get his underwear or any other clothes out of the bedroom beforehand. after his shower, X was asleep. he didnt want to open the door and risk waking her up...thus, this recipe was made almost entirely by dave in the buff. and no, there were no pubes in my salad.
- a black bean, chicken salad: it also would have been good as burrito filling. dave had clothes on when he made this one. ;)
-oatmeal chocolate chip cookies: simple but wonderful recipe we found one night when we decided to make cookies at 10p...since X was keeping us up until 1a.

not much excitement here since we barely have 3 minutes to rub together at any one time. we mostly catch on-line episodes of the daily show (im also guilty of using it as my only/main u.s. news source), but recently we found a streaming web-channel of HGTV. that channel is almost harmfully addictive. i could probably stare at the screen watching it until my brain liquefied. thankfully i have X to drag my attention away. lol.

in other tv news, this summer the "live with regis and kelly" show came to PEI (prince edward island) to film for 4 days (july 12-15). apparently the province paid $1 million to bring the show to them, in an effort to boost tourism. so it made for some news around here.

haha. havent had much time for these either, but i do find ways to watch pieces of movies throughout the day (while nursing, while sitting in bed when X naps, while eating, etc.). unfortunately nearly every movie ive made time for has been dull and/or disappointing. i guess my standards/expectations are higher since my time is so precious?

the only thing worth mentioning is the documentary "art & copy" about the brains behind successful ad campaigns of the past. normally i dislike advertising people, but this wasnt about attacking the messages they send, this was about how their artistic minds work to create the successful campaigns that sold Nike, milk, beef, VWs, Macs, etc. i always like climbing inside creative peoples minds for a while and hearing about their process. this movie fed that desire.

while napping with X i was able to enjoy a decent amount of the short stories in "when you are engulfed in flames" by david sedaris. not his favorite book of mine, but i did chuckle at most of the stories written about life in france.

new yorker articles:
i read every issue in my year-long subscription (during X naps). and now it has ended. so you can all rest easy, you wont have to see this section anymore. probably.

-brief review of a play i would love to see. a musical called "american idiot" with music by green day. doesnt sound like the typical "mamma mia" or "we will rock you" anthology-type production.
-brief blurb about the architect who designed several of the NYC Apple stores.
-brief comic piece paralleling the recent college grad with infant care.
-brief blurb mentioning another broadway play i'd like to see ("bloody, bloody andrew jackson") and a cool sounding comedy show ("find the funny").
-brief blurb about americans financial illiteracy.
-brief commentary about immigration reform. interesting.

-short review of an art show of yves klein works with a short rundown about the artist himself. pretty interesting.
-short article about some awesome new playgrounds in NYC. one is going to be designed by frank gehry. looks like future trips will involve some momma research for kick ass playgrounds. X is a lucky kid.
-short article about the horrendous, nightmarish traffic that plagues moscow. frightening and stress inducing just to read about. also, makes me never want to visit.
-short comic piece from david sedaris about airplane travel. good stuff.
-short article about a new parking structure in miami that is groundbreaking in its architectural style. im really learning a lot from the short architecture articles in the new yorker.

-longer article chronicling the authors adoption of a haitian girl post-earthquake. very interesting. sounds like adoption is more complicated and heart-wrenching that i even imagined.
-longer article about julian assange, the man behind the website "wikileaks.org" that securely posts documents/information sent in by anonymous whistleblowers worldwide about governments, companies, etc.
-long article profiling actor/comedian steve carell
-long article about the need for doctors and terminally ill patients to have open discussions about end-of-life care. well written. brought a tear to my eye. also, if anyone cares, this topic is one small branch of what i was working on at my dalhousie job before i went on mat leave.

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