13 September 2010

La-have, not

a new place today. finally.

it feels like a hundred years since weve gone anywhere new in nova scotia. my normal antsy limit is about a month (as i must have mentioned before). looking back, its been since june that we went anywhere around here, and technically that was in new brunswick. so i finally said "lets just pick something and drive out to it. i dont even care what!" well, i should have been a little more choosy, but i did get my wish to see/do something new.

shortly after X woke up, we hit the road heading south to the coastal area of lahave. we actually stopped in east lahave and took the cable ferry over to lahave proper. just something random to do that i thought might be interesting. there is literally a metal cable attached to both banks of the river underwater and a flat boat that can carry about 15 cars moves back and forth on the cable every 15 minutes. terribly exciting. but, it was a nice crisp morning and the view was new to us.

(on the cable ferry)

when the boat landed on the lahave bank, we drove off and took a left so that we could stop in to the lahave bakery. weve seen some of their bread being sold around halifax and i was never really impressed, but i thought it would be better to try things straight from the source before giving my final judgment.

so, we found a place to park and entered the warm bakery to see what we would find. it was definitely busy and it had that buzz of comfort and community, so it was off to a good start. we stood in line and i looked at the local-made jams, pickles, etc while some older ladies tried to get X to smile (it was a no go). when it was our turn, dave ordered a panini and i got the breakfast wrap with local bacon and unsweetened iced tea.

we found a counter seat and waited for our food. daves panini came quickly so i entertained X while he ate. it was a rather small and unimpressive sandwich (both the ingredients and the bread). we then sipped on the tolerable iced tea while we waited for my food. it took FOREVER, so X was restless by the time my oily egg and veggie wrap came. ick. the bacon was great though. probably the only thing worth stopping for, though definitely not worth the time i had to wait for it.

worst of all, X was pushed a little beyond her limit for a nap because of our long wait. back at the car she was so irritated and hungry that she couldnt calm down on her own. dave had to bounce her until she was calm enough to eat, and then she promptly went to sleep. and there we were, in the car, in the parking lot, letting her nap on me...for 1.5 hours. ah, good times.

it was enough time to see a few boat owners ride up to the bakerys boat dock, tie up among the yellow adirondack chairs, get some morning treats and drive off. not that the "treats" were very good (we bought and consumed a scone and two bars of theirs also. ack.), but the boating up to a bakery thing was pretty damn cool.

anyway, X finally woke up, and at least she was happy. after a car seat diaper change we were on our way in search of better things. we attempted to check out a few local beach areas, but they werent inspiring in the windy greyness that the day had turned into. so, we headed headed back toward home.

(fresh from a nap)

not wanting to let the day go down in flames, i decided we should stop in mahone bay. i wanted to drown my sorrows at the biscuit eater cafe. i got a sandwich, dave got a black tea, and we shared a dark chocolate coconut brownie with cranberries. and yes, it was every bit as good as it sounds. and not too sweet, just the way we like it. thank you.

(pretty gift shop in mahone bay)

after that we were back at home and another weekend had vaporized with barely a trace of excitement. at least we reminded ourselves how to get out and explore again. and hopefully we can do it more during the fall color change this year since X made me miss it due to "morning" sickness last year.

(signs of fall in mahone bay. X seems interested.)

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