04 September 2010

Goodbye earl

its hurricane season again.

after "surviving" two hurricanes last year, initially it didnt phase me when they started talking about earl...then i realized we had a baby. if the power was out for a long time, what the hell were we going to do? we had to be a little more thoughtful about the consequences than we were before. however, i lacked the required motivation to totally prep the apartment because, pre-earl, we were living in what felt like a the center of a sauna.

the 3-4 days preceding earls arrival we experienced some of the most brutal days on record here in halifax. what had been an unprecedentedly lovely summer had turned sadistic. every day the weather channel read something like "88 degrees, 'feels like' 106." no joke. it was horrid. and since this type of weather is rare in these parts, air conditioning is uncommon. and we, we had only ONE fan. i get severely grumpy when forced to live in hot and humid conditions, and with a hot baby sticking to me all day, i was constantly at the end of my very short and frayed rope.

two nights before earl was to arrive, i couldnt take it anymore. we pricelined a night at the snazzy marriott on the waterfront. two big beds, air conditioning, and someone else cleaning up after my mess in the morning. yes please!! worth every penny (i mean, $72 is a small price to pay for some sanity). anyway, we woke up the next morning refreshed and with a little more patience. all we had to do was deal with the last 106 degree day and then a hurricane and we would be free and clear. ha.

the evening before earl came i was sitting on our front stoop with X. in a 30 minute time period we actually felt the wind change. cool air was being brought to us via earl. yay! i actually welcomed the storm. our apartment was still rather toasty that night because it was hard to evacuate all that icky air with just one fan, but earl was definitely bringing the temperature down.

before we went to sleep, we filled up water bottles and hoped the few canned goods we had would be decent enough options to eat, should we have to get that desperate. when we woke up, things still werent really starting. we watched the early signs of earls arrival from our apartment building. of course, there were the requisite number of "locals" walking around outside without rain gear, making it look like it was shaping up to be any other day (sometimes i wonder what planet these people live on. i mean, a hooded sweatshirt in driving rain is a sight ive seen one too many times here.).

anyway, dave and X decided to get a shower in before the storm crashed us. this was around noon. X got all clean and bundled up just as the power was going out...dave had to rinse off in the dark. ha. cut to us a couple hours later, hungry, because we kept assuming they would restore power almost instantly (this was the longest we'd lost power since we have been here). we finally broke down and opened a can of black beans, rinsed them and put them in tortillas. we also decided it was worth it to open the fridge quickly to get the shredded cheese. not the worst thing ive ever eaten but im definitely glad those cavemen discovered fire.

(post hurricane shower)

we passed the time inside trying to entertain X and distract dave from remembering he was missing the first UM football game of the season. we were fairly successful, and were even pleasantly rewarded by X giving us some enormous naps. good girl! and luckily, when we had had enough, it was safe to go outside (this was at about 5p). and we discovered that there were two city blocks that still had power, and happily enough, they were the blocks with lots of restaurants on them, and many were already starting to open up.

so, we got some hot food and were fueled up to wait out the rest of the time before our power came back on. and miraculously, we were up and running in time to catch the last quarter of the game!

(wearing her UM onesie, she wasnt too excited about the game. although, it could have been that she was tired of being inside)

our total time without power was about 7 hours (the perks of living downtown: we get priority for power). and just like that, life was back to normal. i mean, there were some tree limbs down and other people dealing with some wind damage and power outages but the temperature was lovely and people we on the move.

(earls projected path from wednesday and thursday before the storm)

(path projection on friday and saturday morning. the saturday morning one notes the last minute change that put the center of the storm coming right through halifax)


Mary Ann said...

Ahhh. The Marriott. Don't you just love the six-pillowed beds? But, we've become Waverly converts now. Not that you'd get a night there for $72.

jody said...

Love the football pick. Is she learning The Victors yet?