19 September 2010

Bridge over so-so water

more new exploring this weekend.

we chose to go back to the same general area as last weekend and do a few different things. there was a restaurant we were interested in and dave found a small provincial park we thought we'd check out.

our first stop was bridgewater. a non-tourist town on the south shore. a river divides the town into two parts, the commercial/strip mall part and the downtown/unique shops part. our restaurant choice, the wildwood cafe, was on the "downtown" side.

we parked, walked in to the uncrowded restaurant (it was about 1:30p), and chose a seat. the menu had a decent variety and was all mexican-inspired (apparently one of the owners is actually from mexico). i wanted the chicken soft tacos and dave got a panini with their fire sauce. the soup of the day was also spicy black bean soup, so i needed a bowl of that.

while waiting for the food, we noted all the local art that spiced up the walls and made their ikea furniture more exciting. X busied herself by pulling on the tablecloth and putting the silverware in her mouth. eventually our food came (though it was missing the beans i had requested with my tacos. grr.) and we were excited to dig in. my tacos involved handmade tortillas and had a much more traditional presentation than i had seen in a while. they were tasty, but my meal was gone in less than 10 bites. :( and while daves sandwich was pleasantly spicy, it too was rather small...and our soup was nowhere to be seen. when we flagged down the waitress, she blankly looked at me when i told her we would still like our soup. and, when it finally arrived it was a let down. while it was definitely spicy, it was void of any texture. there were no beans, corn, chicken or anything in the soup. it was basically spicy stock soup. boo. anyway, by then we were ready to leave, in fact, we left their extremely tempting dessert case untouched.

(my chicken tacos; X and her spoon)

then, just to see if bridgewater had anything else to offer, we wandered down the rest of king st (their "main" street). we popped in to a few shops and stopped to get daves grandma a present. she likes to make bead necklaces, and we found a bead store selling strands of semi-precious stones all indigenous to nova scotia.

(classy joint in bridgewaters downtown)

back in the car, we drove to chester...for more food. the kiwi cafe was just getting ready to close but they kindly made me an egg and bacon sandwich and we got some sweets as well...of course. their food isnt as good as i would hope, but i like the cheerful atmosphere and happy staff.

and then, with a reasonable amount of food in our bellies, we headed to the nearby graves island. its a small provincial park, and it really doesnt have much to offer, but we just wanted to do something minor, so it served our purpose. we parked on top of the islands hill and walked down through the trees to the water. i enjoyed, as always, the gradient of pine to salt scent as we got closer to the water. and, even though it was a short walk it turned out to be a great way to end the day. good idea nib. :)

(on the rocky "beach"; in the woods with the evening sun sparkling through the trees. love this picture of us)

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Trav said...

your family portrait--and all you hike photos--are AMAZING!