20 July 2010

Wedding weekend at the wainwright

and the wedding weekend begins. :)

saturday was supposed to start with a bachelorette party and end with the rehearsal dinner. X, however, had other ideas. she was still way off base for her sleep requirements. the traveling really seemed to mess her up. so, i had to miss the morning pedicure with the ladies to get X a nap (she is still only able to take naps sleeping on me at this point). bummer, cuz my crusty momma feet could have really benefited from some attention.

after a long nap that i had hoped would reset her, X still seemed a bit grumpy, but there was no way i was missing the ladies lunch too. i fed her and dumped the crying/fussing baby in daves arms and tried not to look back as we headed out to lunch. this was the first time i was going to be away from her for more than a quick trip to the grocery store.

on the way to the restaurant i was trying not to obsess. i definitely did NOT want to be one of those moms who cant do anything but talk and think about their baby while they are away from them, and i REALLY didnt want to be that person who leaves a fun party and calls home to check on things. and man did i have to eat humble pie on that one. i chalk it up to the fact that X was in a bad mood when i left and she hadnt eaten as much as she should have. and there is NO calming her when she is hungry. so i was mostly worried for daves sanity. how would he be able to deal with her if she was raging the entire time i was gone? plus, it was like 98 degrees outside, so a raging baby could quickly get into overheated scary mode. but, okay, i tried to remove this from my mind...unsuccessfully. i didnt talk about her at the table, but after an hour of lunch and no phone call from dave telling me to rush home, i had to check in and see if maybe my phones ringer had been turned off.

turns out she had cried for like 30 minutes after i left. then dave was able to get her to sleep in his sling. and then he stood in front of the window air conditioner until she woke up and started fussing. he then did call me to let me know that if i could start making my way home that might be good, but that it wasnt urgent. and basically he was right. i got home and she was fussing and definitely ready for some food, but everyone survived.

ah, but see, i skipped over the bachelorette lunch...we ate in downtown nyack at "la fontana." a nice italian place. i had a tasty apple chicken wrap and amys sister gave us party favors riddled with rainbow brite paraphernalia. cute! my gift to the bride-to-be? not super racy, but i thought it was creative (or as creative as my deadened brain can get these days). i bought her a bit of colorful local-halifax hand-spun yarn and a book on knitting lingerie (hey, she likes to knit).

anyway, back at amys little pink house, people milled around until we had to head out for the rehearsal dinner. dinner was at basilicos, a casual italian place that served family style dishes. i normally dont go to that kind of place and order that kind of food, but it was quite good. pizza appetizers and then chicken, beef, and fish dishes with veggies and italian desserts. yum. :) the place didnt have air conditioning so it was a bit stuffy and the babies (there were 3 there) were a little irritable but it was a nice time.

(the happy couple)

after dinner, people made final arrangements and plans for the wedding the next day, and in the end, it was just dave, me, X, and amy staying at the little pink house. after putting X to sleep, we stayed up and talked with the bride. it was nice to finally get some alone time with her on this important and busy weekend, and having X asleep and quiet was even better. it was like a good old-fashioned amy visit, lots of chatting and curling up on couches. my fav. :)

and then...it was morning. wedding day! we (the bridal party) had a downtown hair salon all to ourselves. i was first to go because X was awake and being good. seize the moment! after my hair was done, i headed back to the pink house for a X nap. we (dave, X, and i) were able to get a glimpse of the street fair that was getting set up in nyack. looked fun. and we grabbed some pastries at the french place near the house (pain au chocolat. mmm.).

fresh from the nap, we packed up the car, grabbed some food, and headed across the hudson river via the tappan zee bridge toward the town of rye. the wedding was being held at a gorgeous mansion with waterfront property called the wainwright house. amys parents had kindly booked the on-site guest house as a place for the bridal party to stay with their families. life saver! we had our own room, on our own side of the house, that was literally a stones throw from the festivities. it took the stress down several notches.

(X and dad in their wedding duds [thanks for the dress katie!]; X in her wedding weekend mode; the only known picture of the three of us. pre-wedding)

then the bridal party started assembling. we got ready in the bridal suite in the mansion. the photographers showed up. pictures began...and away we went. amy had basically kept as many wedding details as possible to herself. not to be purposefully secretive in an obstructionist way, but she wanted us (including those in the wedding party) to be surprised by the fun wedding touches they had chosen, like the flowers, food, wedding layout and style. and her dress. no one but her immediate family knew what it looked like. it was such a great thing to do. when you are at the age when all your friends are getting married, its hard for each wedding to stand out from the rest. of course, everyone always finds a way to do something a little different and special, but this was a nice new thing for me to not know all the girly details beforehand.

anyway her dress was a carolina herrera that she had bought in chicago at a store that sold only dress samples. even more perfect was that amy chose the dress herself (always a self-doubter, this was a miraculous feat!) and it couldnt have been a more perfect expression of her personality and the tone of the wedding. great job! for the bridesmaids, she let us pick any style of jcrew dress that came in "vintage blue" and was made of silk chiffon fabric. bouquet flowers were all meaningful to the bride (from her favorite book, because the groom was wearing it, because they grow it in their garden at home, etc). the groomsmen wore white shirts, ties, suspenders, and no jacket. all, including the groom, wore converse shoes. there was croquet set up on the lawn. there were dinner food stations and no assigned table seating. there were mini cupcakes for dessert. and the party ended at 10p.

i wish i had been able to enjoy more of it. the ceremony was lovely. the sun was out, but we had a shady, tree-protected spot. the temperature was hot and summery but not scorching. there was a breeze. the water was serene. and X was quiet. in fact, she fell asleep in the middle of it, which, given her previous behavior, we took to be a positive omen that she gave her blessing to their union. :) after the ceremony, we found a few friends of mine from high school and were able to catch up while X was being patient. but, eventually she was in need of some sleep. while she was napping, dave went out and got us some food. then, when she woke up (grumpy again), i went out to join the party and see what i was missing. and to acquire some dessert. when i got back to our room, X was ready for bed. once that was taken care of, i went back to finish the party and say good night to the newlyweds.

we woke up on monday with one more wedding related event. breakfast. yum. loaded the car up just in time to escape a booming thunderstorm (which didnt make X too happy). we had to stay in the car a while to calm everyone down from all the shrieking in the car. but, finally we were able to join the gang at rubys in rye. a nice hot meal and a last chance to say goodbye. the travis family (and expanded clan) are such great people, and even better hosts. lucky to have them in my life. we were happy to have made the trip for the wedding, and sad to say goodbye.

but, we werent leaving empty-handed. X made out with a pile of booty from aunt eva (amy) and uncle tony. she may have gotten more gifts than the bride and groom. :) amy clearly loves shopping for babies, and shes good at it (she has a 7 month old nephew as well). X received a gorgeous amy-knit hooded sweater in green, with matching knit leg warmers (yes!). she also got a cute pair of shorts with ruffles on the butt (love butt ruffles!) and the coolest reversible jumper. ever. and to enrich her mind, some really fun books (an english teacher can never resist). a set of three flip books in the "babys box of fun" series and two art books set to baby stories. one using matisse art and one using magritte art. so freakin cool for parents interested in exposing their kid to that stuff early. :) A+ on your choices amy. :) love you.


Trav said...

and i LOVE YOU! all of you... but from a time-investment stance, i REALLY love you, susana

Trav said...

as a self-doubter, i also want to assure everyone that my love for alyce is timeless *smile*

Jody said...

Sounds like a wonderful wedding weekend. And how great that you were able to travel with Dex and hang out with Amy!

Also, Thank you for the pic of Dex in her pink outfit! So cute! I love the idea that GAP Baby US is larger because of all the fat american kids. sad, but probably true.