31 July 2010

Flaming hot dogs

ha ha. such a good title. afraid the entry might not hold up.

celebrated natal day on the halifax side of the harbour this year. down by the waterfront near our apartment a whole slew of things were going on during this long weekend. in between X naps, we were able to catch some of the firefighters agility competition. they have to run this impressive skills course in full firefighting gear, complete with gas mask. it was hot and sunny and just watching it made me start hyperventilating. and then i got teary eyed to see how hard these brave men and women work to protect fire victims. they devote their careers, bodies, lives to this and watching them proudly competing against each other to be the top firefighter was really neat. plus, i have a soft spot for firefighters, since my dad is a retired detroit fighter. :)

(us before heading down to the action; the final task in the agility course. dragging a heavy ass body backwards; X and i in front of the old fire truck parked near the competition)

anyway, on we went from the firefighters to the other end of the harbourfront. little did i know both dave and i had the same thought on the brain...hot dogs. i had steered clear of these delightful mystery meat tubes while pregnant because of all the salt, nitrites, meat sketchiness...but now i was free to eat as much as i wanted. while the ode to a hot dog is best sung in michigan where you can enjoy an amazing coney dog or its other magical cousins, i was definitely in the mood for a couple of dogs with mustard.

so, sheepishly giving each other the "okay," dave and i ordered our first hot dogs from the local veterans stand. a simple, small dog...with proceeds to a good cause. after these were inhaled in 4 bites, we were on the move looking for another stand to hit up. we found just the type of thing we were looking for: a man doing this as his job. a good grill, a menu, lots of options, and lots of condiments. why yes, i will have black olives on my veggie dog with mustard (yeah, i pussed out and went veggie dog for the second one). dave went in for a real hot dog with pickles, hot peppers, and dijon mustard. we ate them in the shade and then felt the need to purchase a fruit smoothie to pretend to negate all the unhealthiness we had just enjoyed (we ended up spending the next two days guzzling water because we hadnt had so much salt in one meal for a LONG time).

and then, with bellies full of animal and strawberries, we went home for a nap. we had hoped to take X out to see her first fireworks show tonight (and she almost made it) but she asked to go to bed like 10 minutes before the pyrotechnics. :(

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