01 July 2010

Canada day, eh?

so today is canada day.

being a metro detroiter we always knew that canada had some sort of national celebration day very close to the 4th of july. in fact, we share our firework spectacular with the city of windsor. so i knew about the holiday, but i didnt really know if they actually celebrated it in the same way. turns out, they pretty much do. military stuff, parades, bbq. :)

the parade for canada day was also in combination with the royal tattoo festival kick-off (a halifax festival that showcases military bands and stuff. we wanted to go, but we dont want to blow out Xs eardrums just yet.). the parade route of course went through downtown which meant that we were within easy walking distance to get out and see it.

so, this morning we loaded X in the sling and found a perfect non-crowded area with the option of grassy shade. and thank goodness because it was full-on sun, so hot! we felt bad for most of the performers, those military/band uniforms were intricate and heavy looking. ugh. im sure dave had flashbacks to high school drumline.

(the first major thing to come down the parade route was this military plane. they didnt account for the road narrowing due to parked cars, so they had to take one wing off when they got near where we were and make some soldiers carry it. fun!)

(apparently these beef-eaters are part of the canadian military. what division, the pirates? yo ho ho.; the royal canadian mounted police. ah, the dudley do-rights)
(some random dutch bikers. cuz that fits with military stuff. pretty sure they rode their bikes like this the whole way, and at this point on the road they were on an incline. yikes; the bagpiper finale. super hot uniforms.)

the parade was quite entertaining and X was quiet the whole time, so that was nice. later that night, we celebrated with some sirloin steak with mushrooms, potatoes, and corn on the cob...like good americans.

(at the parade; dinner!)

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